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Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Fire Damage Restoration Services Rockville, MD

The fast and efficient water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration company in Rockville, Maryland

BMS CAT is the company to call when you need damage restoration services in Rockville, MD. We serve the central Maryland area in Montgomery County and suburbs such as Rockville, Frederik, Gaithersburg. If you ever need professional services for damage restoration for your home or business, then it’s time to call BMS CAT.

Water Damage Restoration Rockville, MD

Water can be incredibly destructive on property and contents. You need a professional water damage restoration company to limit the amount of damage it does and to get your building back to like new conditions.

BMS CAT has been helping residential and commercial property owners recover from water damage for decades. It doesn’t matter how severe the damage is. We can handle any size water damage project across the city of Rockville, MD.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Inspection and Water Damage Assessment:

We inspect your property for structural damage. We also use advanced moisture detection tools to help with detecting where the water may have gotten in the house.

Water Extraction and Drying:

It can be difficult to get water out of a flooded building. Areas such as a crawl space, basements, and even your insulation can get flooded and pose challenges for the extraction process. Our teams of expert damage restoration technicians are equipped with the tools and experience to get your building dried quickly and properly.

Water damage clean-up and restoration:

We will quickly clean-up the debris or other matter left in the wake of the flooding or water damage. We will also fix any leaking pipes or other cause of the water getting into your building. Next is cleaning up the area and sanitizing to prevent any form of contamination. Our rebuilding and restoration process take care of structural and content damage issues.

Let BMS CAT get your building repaired faster from water damage.

Rockville Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Services

While not always visible, mold can be in your building causing havoc to your health. From asthmatic conditions, other respiratory illnesses, and allergic reactions, mold has contributed to a lot of health issues in homes and businesses.

With the right damage restoration company, you can limit these issues and get your building mold-free the right way.

Mold Testing and Inspection

If you’re worried that there may be mold in your building, then request a professional mold remediation company to test for mold. If you know you have mold but are not sure where it’s coming from and why, then you also need to get the services of mold remediation experts.

In Rockville, BMS CAT is one of the leading mold remediation companies offering residential and commercial mold remediation services. We provide mold testing and inspection services across Rockville to help you find out where the mold is, why you may have a problem, and propose solutions to fix the issue.

Mold Cleaning and Decontamination

If mold is found in your building, then we have the resources and skills to remove the mold and restore your building. Our technicians specialize in removing mold and decontaminating the building for health reasons.

Let BMS CAT improve your indoor air quality with effective mold removal treatments and restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration Services Rockville, MD

Recovering from a fire is hard, but you can have a smoother experience with BMS CAT.

As a leading damage restoration company, we can handle a variety of fire damage situations at a home or business property. Our team of restoration experts are skilled and equipped to take care of all the details for fast restoration services that don’t skimp on quality workmanship.

Our process includes:

  • 24-7 emergency response to be on site quickly and preparing the damage assessment for settlement
  • Boarding up and other protective measures for your building and its contents
  • Water damage restoration and mold remediation
  • Smoke and odor removal; sanitization
  • Rebuilding and restoration

BMS CAT will get your fire damaged building restored quickly.

Your Trusted Partner for Damage Restoration Services

BMS CAT is a trusted service provider for mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and water damage restoration services. If your home or business in Rockville has been damaged by any of these issues, give us a call. You will get a fast response and the best damage restoration service possible by leading industry professionals.