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Why Us?

Started in 1948 as a furniture and dye shop, Blackmon Mooring has grown to become a leader in each service area it practices – from cleaning, recovery and restoration. The earliest founders of Blackmon Mooring built their business on reliability, quality and superior customer service.

In 1981, the company expanded its reach globally with the addition of the BMS CAT division and since then, it has responded to some of the world’s most devastating disasters. Today, the company follows the same principles it was founded upon, and always remembers that the customer is the cornerstone of the business.

  • In-House 24-Hour Call Center and 24/7 Response
  • Local, Regional, National and Global Capabilities
  • Insurance Company Coordination
  • Priority Status Available for Community-wide Disasters
  • Industry Standard and Pricing Structure
  • One Company Handling Full-Service Mitigation, Restoration and Construction to Simplify the Billing Process

Contact us at 877-899-0676 to learn more about BMS CAT or request our services »