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Nashville Mold, Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services

Our Nashville location truly is in the heart of the South. We are conveniently located in the center of several key major Metropolitan areas in ten different states. Our responders are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Serving the entire Nashville area

  • Nashville
  • Brentwood
  • Fairview
  • Gallatin
  • Goodlettsville
  • La Vergne
  • Lebanon
  • Mount Juliet
  • Springfield
  • Spring Hill
  • Smyrna
  • White House

Taking Care of Water Damage Restoration in Nashville TN

Time is true of the essence if your property has suffered water damage Nashville, and it’s imperative you call someone right away, as the fast spread of Water Damage Restoration Company Nashville. TNwater can cause more lasting damage to property within your business or home if not taken care of quickly.

It is important to quickly find and address the source of the water, remove the water and dry out the area. Failure to follow these steps could result in damage you can’t even see, such as mold growth behind drywall or under flooring.

Water Damage Restoration in Nashville TN

Water damage in a Nashville home or building occurs when water escapes from pipes, appliances, tanks, or reservoirs (places where it is supposed to be contained) and flows into spaces where it not supposed to be. 

Water damage occurs in a structure when:

  • a flood fills the structure with water
  • appliances such as water heaters leak
  • toilets, bathtubs, washing machines, and sinks overflow
  • pipes burst
  • hurricanes and tropical storms bring flooding
  • sewage backs up and overflows into a building
  • sump pumps malfunction and water fills a basement
  • poor drainage around basement walls lets in water
  • a roof leaks
  • a foundation cracks and water seeps in

Nashville Contaminated Water Cleanup

Water that has filled a basement or is sitting at any level in a structure is categorized according to its level of purity or contamination.

Category 1 water is also called clean water or white water.  This is the potable water flowing into the home. Category 1 water will be generated by an overflowing sink or bathtub, a leaking or broken faucet, or a broken water line that goes into a dishwasher or a washing machine. Category 1 water, or white water, is safe for people.

Category 2 water also called gray water. Category 2 water is used or wastewater that comes from draining sinks, bathtubs, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers. This gray water is contaminated meaning it is not clean or potable.

Category 3 water is also called black water; it is extremely unsanitary and is considered highly contaminated and a health hazard. Sewage is the main source of black water. Floodwaters also generate black water when there is a high potential for toxic substances such as fertilizer chemicals, animal feces, and ground debris to permeate it.

It is important to remember that Category 1 water, which is initially safe for humans, can become Category 2 gray water after sitting for 48 hours, and Category 2 water can become Category 3 black water after sitting for two or more days. Contaminated water cleanup should be done by professionals.

Water Removal in Nashville

What happens after the discovery of standing water in a house or a building? The important first step for any Nashville homeowner or building manager is to identify the source of the water and, when possible, to stop it. This usually means turning off the main water supply to the house or the structure. A plumber or the local water company will be able to turn it off if the homeowner cannot.

The next step to remove floodwater in Nashville is to call a professional—a water damage restoration company like BMS CAT. We will be able to assess the damage after gathering data such as how long water has been standing, how much of the home or building has been affected, and what the source of the water was. Our specialized tools measure the moisture content of surfaces such as walls, floors, baseboards, and ceilings. The readings, as well as standards set by an industry restoration institution, help us determine if drying equipment must be used.

Water Removal Methods

Next, water damage repair experts like BMS CAT will implement a systematic plan for water removal in the Nashville home or building. Utilizing industrial-grade shop vacs, water removal experts will suck up all water present in the house or building, room by room.

Drying is the next step to complete the water removal process. Air movers circulate drying air throughout the building; dehumidifiers are pressed into service. We locate hidden water by removing baseboards and drilling holes into walls. Various methods are employed to remove water.

Rooms are usually dried one by one. When one room is declared dry, our crew moves on to the next room.

Nashville Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair in Nashville homes and buildings is considered complete when all affected rooms have been completely contained and thoroughly dried. Regular moisture-content readings are taken to monitor progress before declaring a surface dry.

When the drying process is finished, the water damage repair is considered complete and the water damage restoration company calls the job done. If structural damage has occurred, that repair will be the province of a general contractor.

Just a Little Water Can Cause BIG Problems

Water damage can quickly spawn mold if not treated promptly and properly. Mold does best in humid, damp areas with high temperatures. Exposure to mold has been linked to serious health problems, and can greatly exacerbate underlying issues for individuals with asthma and allergies. As a commercial and residential restoration and mold remediation company, we are especially sensitive to these issues and have developed reliable methods to quickly and effectively address mold concerns.

Restoration after Fire and Smoke Damage

After a fire, the business or home needs to be secured, and we can assist with any boarding required. Restoration can begin as soon as the dust and debris are cleared. We will start by cleaning all the permanent fixtures and any furniture or carpet that can be saved. The area may then be deodorized, possibly including cleaning out the air ducts. Items within the premises that can be salvaged or restored can be stored in our warehouse.

Smoke damage can seep into ceilings, walls, woodwork, carpets, and electronics. Blackmon Mooring of Atlanta has the equipment and expertise to, in many cases, restore these things to their pre-loss condition.

Mold Remediation Nashville – We Get Rid Of Mold Fast

Mold remediation – Certified mold removal Boston, MA. should be handled by professionals with the right equipment. Mold is not an issue to be taken lightly. Mold can affect your health and even the health of your pets. Mold has been linked to many diseases and conditions and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Mold testing –  Relieve your mold suspicions, call our Boston team for a high-quality mold inspection of your home or business.

BMS CAT Nashville Mold Remediation Services 

  • Immediate Action– We supply 24-hour damage remediation services.
  • Moisture Detection– Our expert team is able to discover unseen moisture in your flooring and walls so we can help prevent future mold issues.
  • Insurance Accepted – We handle the insurance paperwork and deal directly with most insurance companies.
  • Full Service – Every part of your mold removal needs are handled from inspection to screening, removing smells and mold remediation.

BMS CAT Nashville Disaster Recovery Specialist

We have been there in response to every type of disaster seen by this community. We were there in May of 2010 for the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, as well as several other losses, during the floods in Nashville. We were there to help in July and August of 2013 when our neighbors in South Pittsburg and Madison saw floodwaters rise again. We have been there to help restore calm after several large fires in various multi-family dwellings and commercial complexes throughout the region. And, we also had the pleasure of helping the Southland Mall in Memphis when they experienced a major roof collapse in September, 2014.

At BMS CAT- Nashville, RESTORING CALM AND HELPING OTHERS is at the core of what we call Southern Hospitality.

The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan for your Business or Organization

For business owners, we understand the importance of having a plan in place before an emergency strikes. Working with BMS-CAT beforehand will ensure your company is prepared in the event you are faced with mold contamination or suffer damage due to a fire, water intrusion or storm. BMS-CAT offers a free Response Service Agreement (RSA) to make sure the elements most important to your business are addressed first if faced with a disaster.

BMS-CAT is equipped with the tools, supplies, dedication, and expertise necessary to get the job done right, the first time!

Trusted Professionals

BMS-CAT of Nashville offers an array of home and commercial emergency restoration services. Whether your property suffers from water damage, fire damage, and storm damage or mold contamination issues, BMS-CAT has the technology, expertise and solutions to offer superior mitigation and restoration services.

Nashville Emergency Storms Response

If a Nashville storm hits your property hard, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what steps to take next. You don’t have to worry any longer, because BMS-CAT’s Nashville emergency response team will have help at your location quickly to protect your premises from further damage and begin restoration. We even have teams at our corporate headquarters solely dedicated to monitoring the latest weather conditions in and around the Nashville area, meaning we’re always prepared when there’s a storm on the horizon.

If your home or business does suffer damage, we have a wealth of resources to provide towards your recovery effort, including a secured 45,000 square foot warehouse where we can store your belongings while restoration work is in progress. Our highly skilled document and media recovery team can also help restore damaged books, documents or media, such as movie film and x-rays, while they are in our care.