If your property has experienced damage as a result of water intrusion or flooding, it’s essential to eliminate moisture quickly in order to prevent mold growth. BMS CAT specializes in dehumidification and controlling moisture. We start by identifying the cause of the problem, map out its path in your home or business and formulate a plan for dehumidifying the affected areas.

Drying & Dehumidification

It’s important that any dehumidification happens as quickly as possible since mold can begin to grow almost immediately given the right conditions (temperature, moisture, available surfaces and their composition). We use a desiccant dehumidification moisture control procedure, along with fans and targeted air movement, to remove moisture in the air from the disturbed spaces. These dehumidifiers direct extremely dry air into damaged areas and speedy drying decrease the probability of additional damage, helping you return to your home or business as soon as feasible.

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