Commercial Water Damage & Flood Restoration

Storms and floods (and the resulting damage they leave behind) are unpredictable, but the results of water damage can spell catastrophe for your business.

Commercial Water Damage & Flood Restoration

Water can get everywhere and damage parts of your building as well as furniture, documents, and equipment. We understand the urgency for immediate repairs and can act quickly to help minimize further damage. Disasters can strike unexpectedly, which is why our emergency response helpline is always open and standing by to deploy our highly trained and experienced teams to your facility within hours of your phone call: 877-730-1948.

Understanding Water Damage

Regardless of the cause, we can quickly act and help you assess problems or issues the water damage produced and start the mitigation and recovery process. Before emergency repairs are started, we remove any salvageable items and will work closely with your insurance provider.

If your business has experienced water damage, please call us immediately at 877-730-1948. Water intrusion caused by a flood or a burst pipe can spread quickly throughout the building, permanently staining carpets, upholstery, books and other items. Wooden furniture can swell, or begin to disintegrate, while unprotected metal surfaces can tarnish. Mold and bacteria can also grow quickly and generate sharp and/or unpleasant odors, in addition to putting you and your employees at severe health risks. Water can also cause structural damage to buildings, and if left unaddressed, doors, windows, frames, and walls can begin to warp or break. Therefore it’s important to address the problem quickly to prevent further damage. Be mindful of the unseen damage that water can leave behind as you may begin to notice discoloration in walls or unpleasant odors.

Working the Problem

After flood damage, the first step is to make sure any affected areas are dried properly and quickly. We use specialized equipment to force dry air into such areas. Before the dehumidification process begins, we make sure that the sources of the issues are dealt with. This can include areas that have water flowing into a building, leaks, plumbing and roof. We will also assess the extent of the damage and contamination to put together a repair plan.

It’s important to lower the humidity of a damaged area to prevent the damage from spreading further.

The Recovery Process 

Once we assess the damage, salvageable items are carefully removed and then restored in our secure facility. We make sure to sort out printed media such as books and documents as well as computers, hard drives, and optical storage media. Everything is professionally packed, bar coded and stored in one of our warehouses before we return it to you once the restoration process is complete. Our professional document recovery services make it possible to restore documents that, until recently, would have been written off as a total loss.

We know that as long as your business is not operating, the impact increases daily and in some cases by the hour. Our professionals are trained to work quickly and efficiently to get you back in operation and in as little time as possible. Once urgent repairs have been completed, we make sure that the premises are free from contaminants and that all air ducts and HVAC systems are operational and clean.

Contact us for water damage cleanup and let us show you why we have been in business since 1981!