BMS CAT Commercial Mold Remediation

Any type of building, especially older ones are susceptible to mold due to high humidity, local climate, and poor ventilation.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold in commercial buildings can pose a huge risk to the public, so it’s crucial to identify it quickly by employing Industrial Hygienists and then calling on the experts at BMS CAT for remediation. Our team of experts knows exactly how to handle a wide range of mold-related situations, and we know that timing is crucial. We will ensure safe re-entry to your building by taking care of your structure.

First, we inspect the building and make an assessment of everything for health and safety. Next, we take steps to protect equipment and valuables by cleaning the affected areas thoroughly.

Why Mold Remediation is Important

In a humid environment, when temperatures rise mold growth is almost inevitable. Usually, this can occur as the result of a water leak or moisture in a building, but also from storm damage. Never attempt to remediate mold by yourself! Always hire a professional like BMS CAT to assist with expertise and trained professionals who understand how to deal with the mold and solve the problem safely and effectively. Our team can eliminate the mold without it spreading to different areas of your building. BMS CAT employs a team of experts that come prepared for mold remediation by wearing all necessary safety equipment and clothing. 

How Can Mold Be Prevented?

It’s important to know how to keep mold from coming back. Once you know what lead to mold growth you previously had, or what can lead to it in the first place, you’re better prepared to prevent it from happening again. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to better identify affected areas and then call the experts at BMS CAT to help you remediate.

The following areas can contain unwanted moisture, especially in warmer and humid climates:

  • Kitchen areas: Refrigerators & Freezers
  • HVAC Equipment: AC Drain Pans, Compressor lines, HVAC Vents
  • Entryways: Doors and windows that let in hot, humid air from outside that can cause condensation
  • Trash: Trashcans left un-emptied can be sources of unwanted moisture
  • Carpets: This includes entry rugs and carpeted areas, where moisture can get trapped from shoes, or other items

We will work with you to repair potential leaks as well as any leaks that have been identified by you or our experts. Drying out affected areas and inspecting the effectiveness of your HVAC systems are important in preventing future mold growth.

Call BMS CAT at 877-730-1948 for your mold remediation needs. We will be able to help you restore your property to optimum efficiency, free of mold and other toxins.