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How is Air Duct Cleaning Done?


How Is Air Duct Cleaning Done

Have you ever wondered how our professionals clean the air ducts in your home or office to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants? At Blackmon Mooring, we clean both the supply ducts (where the air comes out) and the return ducts (where the air goes in) to ensure a thorough clean.

Steps to Clean Air Ducts

Step 1: A pre-inspection is performed to review the systems level of contamination to design the most appropriate cleaning and disinfectant procedure.

Step 2: Remove each register and vent to access the duct work.

Step 3: Use specialized equipment to free dust and other contaminants starting from each opening and extending through the entire length of the duct run.

Step 4: Dust, dirt, and debris are extracted and collected into our HEPA-filtered vacuum for disposal.

Our technicians start by cleaning the vents and register covers before using a dust sweeping machine to reach the very back of the ductwork. This allows us to remove things like dust mites, animal dander, and other dirt that would otherwise be impossible to reach. We use a high-powered vacuum system to extract dust that gets trapped inside the equipment. Also, we can apply an optional disinfecting agent to treat for mold spores, fungi, mildew, bacteria and other organisms after cleaning the system’s mechanical components.

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