Nasty Norovirus

Norovirus outbreaks have been making national news the past couple of years. Schools, hospitals, cruise ships and everywhere in between seem to have been hit by this highly contagious stomach bug. If you, or someone you know, has ever had the misfortune of contracting the nasty virus, you know it’s definitely a force to be […]

Can Paper be Saved? Recovering Damaged Documents

Summary When a facility suffers damage from water, fire or microbial growth, documents stored within are susceptible to irreversible damage. Can paper and media be recovered? Why Does It Matter? In today’s environment, preserving documents for business and historical purposes is not only a need, it is often the law. In many cases, retention of […]

Can Special Media be Saved? Cleaning X-Rays, Film & Microfilm

Summary When media such as x-rays, film, microfilm and microfiche are damaged, important data can be threatened. Organizations must follow applicable laws and regulations when retaining important data on any type of media. Additionally, some media may have historical value to the organization. Can special media be saved if it becomes wet or contaminated with mold […]

Secure Document Destruction for Wet or Contaminated Paper

Secure document destruction is imperative to ensure the safety and security of an entity’s information. Breach of the protocol can be catastrophic to both the entity and its business associates. Secure destruction of documents must be done accurately, thoroughly and a verifiable chain of custody is required. Secure Destruction is Complicated by Wet, Moldy or […]

Why Choose Freeze Drying To Salvage Wet Books & Paper

Summary When papers and books are wet, freeze drying via sublimation is the best and fastest way to salvage them. Papers and books can be wet from a variety of circumstances, such as broken water pipes, a roof torn off during a tornado, area wide flooding, etc. Often times many of these papers and books […]

When It Rains, It Pours – Water Damage Restoration

Summary Damage to a facility from water can come in many forms. From a sprinkler malfunction to a hurricane, water damage can damage and destroy a building and its contents. Can a facility ever return to normal? Are any of the contents salvageable? Why Does It Matter? Water is extremely damaging to most common materials […]

Planning for the Unexpected; Recovering After Tragedy

Summary Aviation operators, cruise lines, railways and bus lines, as well as government and corporate travel services, must respond promptly and effectively when disaster strikes. The way an organization responds to an accident will define the recovery process for survivors and the families of those lost. An effective response is a complex process that must […]

Controlling an Outbreak – Mold Restoration

Summary It’s disgusting, it’s harmful to your health, it’s damaging to your building…its mold. Even in biblical times mold was a cause for concern as mentioned in the Book of Leviticus, 14: 33-45. However, it wasn’t until relatively recent that the scientific community identified mold and other fungi as possible causes of human’s adverse health […]

Are You Prepared to Survive a Winter Storm?

Winter storms can bring freezing rain, ice, snow, high winds, or a combination of these conditions. They can cause power outages that last for days, make roads and walkways very dangerous, and can affect community services. The three-month stretch from December through February typically features the coldest temperatures of the year in many locations across the […]

BMS Managing Mondays

Mondays are rough, right? But Mondays during the holidays are a whole new level of stress. On top of your normal hectic life, you have parties, special meals, decorations and that darn elf to remember. That’s why this year we are dedicating Mondays to staying organized and maintaining a stress-free zone (ok, that’s probably a […]