One Thing That Stands in the Way of Document Recovery

Going through a fire or natural disaster can be highly stressful. The electronic files and physical media you keep inside are often vital to the function of your business. Contracts, bookkeeping data, employee files and physical certificates can be difficult and in some cases impossible to reproduce or replace. Fortunately, an unexpected disaster doesn’t necessarily […]

Why You Should Discuss Disaster Recovery Before One Happens

Property-damaging disasters have a unique way of uprooting your entire life, generally with little or no forewarning. A fire could start in your home or business unexpectedly or a fast approaching storm could roll through the neighborhood, leaving your property charred or under water with your possessions in tatters and a slew of additional sanitary […]

The Noises in Your Home or Office You Should Be Focusing On

If you’re like countless other people, when you hear a strange noise coming from an appliance or system in your home or office, you likely shrug it off and assume it’s probably normal and nothing to worry about. But what may merely sound like a funny hissing or clanking noise right now could actually be […]

What is Document Recovery Anyway?

Documents…they are part of our every-day life. Like it or not, we deal with documents constantly. In fact, many businesses are required by law to retain certain documents. If you are a business owner or in charge of document retention for your company or organization, it is important to have a recovery plan in place. […]

Are You Prepared for a Tornado?

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground and is often, although not always, visible as a funnel cloud. Tornadoes can strike in any season but occur most often in the spring and summer months. About 1,200 tornadoes hit the United States every year and every […]

Why? Why? Why? Common Weather Misconceptions

As a mother of three young children I often get random questions, some I can answer, some I cannot (and others make me cringe). I frequently get weather related questions and answer to the best of my ability. I also get lots of weather-specific questions from adults, I suppose since our company is a leader […]

The Evolution of an Industry: How Property Insurance Has Changed Through The Years

Disasters and property insurance go hand and hand. We know disasters are nothing new, but did you know property insurance is not either? The property insurance industry has been around for centuries but continues to evolve as we enter the modern landscape of coverage. What is Insurance? First, let’s take a look at what insurance […]

The High Stakes of Earthquakes – Are you Prepared?

It’s common knowledge that people who live along our nation’s West Coast are at greater risk of experiencing the damaging effects of an earthquake, but that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk if you live further inland. All U.S. states and territories are at some risk for earthquakes, which can happen any time of year. […]

New Orleans, A Look Back

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen that our company exhibited at the RIMS Conference this past spring. RIMS is a Society for Risk Managers that has a large conference every year that travels around the country. As you can imagine, Risk Managers rely on companies like ours to provide service […]

Logistically Strong

I believe the heart of our company is our people. Our 67-years of technical expertise is the brains. The dedication and front line involvement of our leaders are the backbones. And, logistics is the muscle. In my view, a company’s growth and effectiveness are based on how Logistically Strong they are. Just like athletes train to get bigger, faster and […]