Different Types of Mold That Could Be Lurking in Your Home

Ten Types of Mold Found in Homes You’ve heard of black mold, but that’s only one type of mold. If you own a home, then you might find any of these types of mold hiding in your house. Is your home suffering from mold? Mold is more than just an unsightly annoyance, it can pose […]

The First 24 Hours: What You Need to Do to Save a Flooded House

What You Need to Do for Your Flooded House Is your house in danger of flooding? The first 24 hours after water intrusion are critical. Here’s what you need to do to help save your flooded home. What if the fate of your home depended on what you did in the next few minutes? For […]

Even Kitchen Fires Can Damage Your HVAC System

What Smoke From Kitchen Fires Can Do to Your Heating and Cooling System Even the smoke from a small kitchen fire can carry particles into your vents. Here’s why you should get your HVAC system decontaminated after a fire. Between 2011 and 2013, commercial kitchen fires caused an estimated $116 million of property damage. Though most […]

5 Signs that Mold may be Growing in Your House

Mold can be very bad for your home, as well as your health. Read more to learn about the top five signs mold may be growing inside your house. Every homeowner has fears when it comes to repairs and problems associated with the responsibility of owning a home. But, when the problem is mold, things […]

Storm Damage Restoration: Important Steps to Take After The Storm Has Passed

 Steps to Take To Ensure Your Safety & Start The Restoration Process After The Storm Has Passed The damage your home withstands during a storm can be devastating, leaving you feeling lost and overwhelmed. Here are some important steps to take when faced with storm damage restoration. Texas is no stranger to severe weather. Even […]

How to Prepare your home for Winter Weather

How to Prepare your home for Winter Weather Winter weather brings unique challenges, such as strong winds, extreme cold, snow, ice and even blizzards. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment in a city like Chicago or perhaps smaller Milwaukee, you know how this feels. Protecting your home against these elements are crucial in preventing damage […]

Who is responsible for water damage in apartments?

Who is responsible for water damage in apartments? Unfortunately, water damage is a common issue both homeowners and renters can face. The aftermath can be devastating making the property unlivable and permanent damage may occur to personal belongings. When water damage occurs in an apartment, whether you live in cold-weather, expensive Chicago or sunny Tampa, Florida, you […]

What Happens During the Fire Damage Restoration Process?

Is your home about to undergo fire damage restoration? What does this consist of?  In 2017, an estimated 23 billion dollars in property damage occurred due to fires. This number is slightly inflated due to the California wildfires, which are again causing untold destruction this year. While you cannot truly prepare for the devastation of a house fire, […]

Dedicating 2019 to Preparedness

Dedicating 2019 to Disaster Preparedness

Dedicating 2019 to Disaster Preparedness As the New Year begins, there is no better time to sit down with your family to ensure that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. Start 2019 off the right way, with the peace of mind that you, and your family, are ready for any type of […]

What Does Mold Look Like? How to Find and Remove Mold Hiding in Your House

What Does Mold Look Like in Your Home & How To Remove It? Would you recognize mold if you saw it? What does mold look like, anyway? We show you where to look and how to identify mold in your home. Unfortunately, mold in your home or outside your home is more common than you’d […]