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Fire restoration services can help you bounce back from the blaze


Fire restoration services can help you bounce back from the blaze

Fire restoration servicesBuying a home is the biggest financial investment the average person makes in their lifetime. Imagine if that very same investment were to suddenly be destroyed. Unfortunately, that’s what hundreds of thousands of families affected by house fires experience every year. While a tragedy like this can be stressful and overwhelming, fire restoration services are there to help get homeowners back on their feet.

The numbers are sobering. On average, approximately 382,800 residential fires occur in the United States annually, according to the most recent statistics available from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Smoke detectors and fire safety initiatives have afforded fewer injuries and fatalities, but they haven’t lessened the financial pain. Between 2012 and 2016, property losses averaged north of $6.8 billion, based on NFPA estimates.

From leaving a candle unattended to natural disasters – most notably wildfires, as much of California experiences, particularly in 2018 – fires are unpredictable and can take years to recover from, depending on the severity of the damage. Even cosmetic damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars. One way or another, homeowners often find themselves paying to get the damage remediated whether out of pocket or by seeing their premiums rise after making a claim. And even then, there’s no guarantee that the fixes will start right away.

That’s where fire damage restoration can play a role, streamlining the recovery process so you can pick up the pieces as soon as possible.

After fire and smoke damage occurs, nothing is more important than turning your house back into your home again. At a time when you feel like you may not know which way to turn, a fire restoration specialist – like our experienced professionals at BMS CAT – can step in and take the lead by offering services such as:

Emergency repairs – Certain fixes take priority, like the roof, foundation or framing. We take a comprehensive assessment of your property, detecting the issues that need to be addressed, then implementing those corrections immediately.

Fire and smoke damage – The aftereffects from fire and smoke damage aren’t exclusively visual. Smoke gets in the air and has a way of lingering for what can seem like an eternity. BMS CAT provides the appropriate treatments and ventilation to help eliminate these foul-smelling odors, so they’re gone without a trace.   

Water extraction – Water damage is probably the last thing you’d think of being a problem after a house fire, but it can be a huge issue if the fire was contained to a specific room and firefighters pumped thousands of gallons of water to douse it. When firefighting efforts cause standing water, BMS CAT teams will focus on removing the water first, and then use other treatments to dry out waterlogged furniture and wood in order to reduce warping.

Soot removal – Soot is a byproduct of fire, which can be commonly found in and on horizontal surfaces, walls and inside HVAC system ducting. It’s unsightly, but more than anything else, highly flammable. We get the soot removed from your residence, rooting it out even in the hard-to-reach places.

Reconstruction – With decades of experience in the disaster recovery business, BMS CAT has what it takes to put the pieces of your property back together, even if that entails starting from scratch.

You’ve been through enough after experiencing a fire. Put the recovery process on us. We’re the restoration company you can rely on to shoulder the load. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 877-899-0676 to learn more.