Disaster Recovery Partners

BMS CAT offers commercial restoration services to a wide array of industries. And with decades of experience, our technicians have the expertise to do any job you need.


BMS CAT knows that your facility is more than a place to stay. We want to help you protect your brand and customer experience by integrating our systems with your facility. This way we can seamlessly clean and restore your business without interrupting your day-to-day operations. Our goal is to be seen and heard as little as possible while providing you with state-of-the-art recovery services such as fire and water damage recovery, storm damage recovery, mold remediation, document recovery and the list goes on. And if your facility is an area that’s prone to disasters or you need first response we offer our “Priority Response” program which puts your business on the top of our list during any emergency.

Healthcare Facilities

We understand the complex needs of the healthcare environment during the renovation, construction or catastrophic events. So we provide a full range of services and project management protocols to help your facility run safe, smooth and most importantly secure while we do our cleaning and restoration. Whether your facility is a hospital, pharmacy, blood bank, morgues or any other medical facility we have the trained technicians to make sure it’s done right, right away.

  • Bio-medical equipment
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Patient records and x-rays
  • Blood banks
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Morgues


BMS CAT understands that your education facility affects the lives of not only your staff but your students. So whatever your needs or root cause, we’ll work with your facility to restore everything to it’s the best condition. And we will coordinate alongside you to make sure the restorations seamlessly integrate into your school without disrupting your day-to-day. We don’t want to waste any time getting you back to your operations.

Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions rely on business documents for daily transitions. Customers often entrust these facilities with the storage of their most prized personal possessions. That’s why BMS CAT specializes in the security and restoration of those sensitive items, such as financial documents, safety deposit boxes, and office fixtures/furniture. We have security protocols in place to make sure all items are kept safe and confidential during every step of the restoration and document recovery process. Our goal is to get your business items and your customer’s items restored both securely and as soon as humanly possible.

Retail & Property Management

Damage in a retail environment can threaten everything from vital documents to electronics and telecommunication systems. And that can mean lost revenue and customers. We provide a range of services to restore and help recover the contents of a building, including fixtures, counters, products and the structure itself. And to make sure your business is left damaged for the smallest amount of time, you can develop an emergency response plan with us beforehand. This ensures your store will be our top priority and you won’t have worry about slow action hurting your store’s sales and operations.


BMS CAT is on GSA Schedule 84 for emergency services. We also participate in the cooperative purchasing act and the recovery purchasing act. An agency can establish a Blanket Purchase Order (BPA) with us in advance of emergencies.

We can help recover all of your paper documents, books, and electronic media. With the world’s largest and most advanced vacuum freeze drying chambers, we are able to respond to all types and sizes of losses. We follow a strict chain of custody and have secure facilities with established protocols. We have worked with many federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, on Top Secret clearance items.

GSA Contract Number: GS-07F-0087T
Federal Supply Schedule: 084
FCS Class: R414
Special Item Number (SIN): 426-4F

Our document recovery also comes with Online Access, where you can contract ordering information, establish terms and conditions, get up-to-date pricing, and create electronic delivery orders.


Commercial facility restoration measures are put into place from the moment you contact BMS CAT. From hurricane property damage restoration to document recovery, commercial property flood damage restoration and more, we can restore your facility quickly and cost effectively. Working with adjusters, brokers and risk managers, we implement a seamless recovery plan with minimal interruption of business. Our project managers will work with you to determine the best path for your property and develop a scope of work and timeline for recovery.

Industrial & Manufacturing

The unique nature and specialized equipment in the industrial manufacturing industry require specific protocols for recovery. Equipment can often be one of a kind, customer-designed pieces that are not easily replaced. Our goal for our clients is to get you back in operation quickly and reduce any interruption to your business or assembly. So by using our state-of-the-art restoration techniques, we’ll help you mitigate your loss by restoring your property so you can avoid the costs of having to purchase new equipment.