Priority Disaster Response Partnership

Is your company prepared should a disaster strike? Will you be action oriented or reaction oriented?

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Last-minute decisions in the face of a disaster are almost certain to increase both the time and cost of recovery. Disaster planning offers you the opportunity to make calm, well-considered decisions prior to a critical event. Plans will vary widely from one organization to another. Let BMS CAT assist with prioritizing your company’s needs.

Establishing your company and facilities as a Priority Customer with a Responsive Service Agreement can give you peace of mind that a disaster strike, BMS CAT will be there to assist in reducing business interruption and mitigating costs.

Responsive Service Agreement benefits:

  • No cost or contractual obligation
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
  • Priority Response in the event of a community-wide disaster
  • Pre-registration of your facility’s “vital statistics” for customized, more efficient disaster response
  • Priority Response Consultant and Project Coordinator assigned to personally manage your account

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