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The Leading Damage Restoration Company Yonkers, NYC

Water Damage Restoration | Mold Remediation | Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Take your property back from disaster to like-new conditions in no time. Let BMS CAT repair and restore your building from water damage, mold growth, and fire damage. We offer residential and commercial damage restoration services for home and business owners across Yonkers, NY and throughout New York City.

Let us take care of your damage restoration needs the right way. Call BMS CAT today for expert damage restoration services designed for your safety and peace of mind.

Water Damage Restoration Specialists in Yonkers, NYC

Many homes and businesses experience water damage to some degree. Most of the time it’s the result of a plumbing failure or damaged equipment. Less frequently disasters such as floods and storms can wreak havoc on your property. Should any of this happen to you, you need to find a company that offers well-trained damage restoration experts and has advanced equipment to take care of the problem quickly.

You need a response within the first 24 hours to limit the amount of damage that occurs, to prevent mold growth, and save items that may not be recovered after this time has lapsed. You need more than a company that just cleans and dries carpets when faced with water damage. Water will penetrate all the surface areas it touches and where you may not even see. Therefore, you need a professional water damage restoration company to manage all the potential effects of water damage in a building.

At BMS CAT, our technicians are trained in water extraction procedures, drying and dehumidification, building repairs and restoration. You can rely on us for an emergency response when you need us most 24/7. Call us as soon as you realize you have a water damage problem.

Mold Remediation Services Yonkers NY

Mold damage is often more destructive than you can anticipate. With the potential health effects and structural damage, you need a mold removal company that can handle any size problem that you may face. BMS CAT delivers a complete mold removal service that takes care of all aspects of the inspection, removal, and remediation processes from start to finish.

Mold Inspection Services

We inspect and test your property to identify and document the mold issue you’re facing. This helps us to put together a personalized strategy specific to your situation. When we identify the type of mold you have, we can prepare a removal plan that best suits that issue and your property.

Mold Removal

Our mold removal experts follow best practices and IICRC guidelines to help ensure that mold is properly removed from your building. This includes containment procedures to prevent contamination of unaffected areas and to stop the spread of mold spores in the removal process.


Decontamination of your space is essential to prevent mold from growing again as soon as we leave. In addition to addressing the conditions that caused the growth – such as excess moisture – we will ensure that proper decontamination processes are adhered to, so we can ensure a mold-free building that’s ready for use.


Let our team of mold remediation experts help to ensure your building is a healthy environment to return to. Our company invests in a comprehensive team that can handle removal, rebuilding, reconstruction, and restoration of building and contents damaged by mold or as part of the mold removal process. Our restoration process can include mitigation strategies to help you prevent future mold growth from similar issues.

Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Westchester County, New York

The havoc that a fire can wreak on a building is sometimes unimaginable. Putting your property back together can be difficult, but it’s easier with BMS CAT on your side.

BMS CAT specializes in fire damage restoration for residential and commercial properties across Yonkers, NY. You can rely on us to handle:

  • Insurance claims settlement with your insurance company on your behalf for a smoother process
  • Water damage cleanup and restoration from the firefighting efforts to out the blaze
  • Smoke odor and ash removal
  • Sanitization and deodorization of the building
  • Reconstruction in damaged areas of the building

Let BMS CAT take care of your damage restoration needs. From water damage and mold, to fire damage restoration, we are the team you need to get it done the right way.