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Sunrise, FL Water Damage Restoration Services | Mold Remediation | Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke DamageIf you live or do business in the City of Sunrise and have a damage restoration need, then contact BMS CAT. We specialize in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and smoke/fire damage restoration. As a leading damage restoration company in Miami, we consistently deliver great results for our clients across the City of Sunrise. You can rest assured  that your building and contents are in the best hands at BMS CAT.

Get fast damage restoration services that deliver the best results. Let our damage restoration experts get your building restored promptly. Contact BMS CAT today.

Water Damage Restoration Sunrise, FL, Miami

Water Removal & Extraction: Getting the water out of a building is not easy. It needs to be done properly as anything less can lead to mold growth and possible structural damage. With a company such as BMS CAT, you get access to advanced water extraction equipment that gets rid of excess water with our drying and dehumidification services. Our air-drying equipment will get rid of excess moisture in the building to prevent unwanted mold growth, musty scents, and general poor indoor air quality.

Flood Cleanup and Restoration: When you need a Miami flood cleanup and restoration company, BMS CAT is the company to call. We are not just a clean-up crew. We are a damage restoration company with trained technicians who follow IICRC guidelines. That means you get best practices and above industry standards for water damage restoration for your home or business.

We sanitize and deodorize the space to improve indoor air quality and protect your health. Our team of restoration experts can restore much of your furniture and other contents damaged by flood waters.

There are many choices for water removal companies in Sunrise, FL. but, for expert water damage restorations services, there is only one company to call – BMS CAT.

Sunrise, FL Mold Remediation Company

Cleaning mold from your home can be a difficult task. There is the evidence of mold that you see but more damage can lurk behind the walls of your property. Without the proper inspection equipment, you can’t detect mold inside your walls, in your insulation and other hidden areas. If you’re continually cleaning mold, experiencing respiratory problems or unexplained rashes, it’s time to enlist the experts.

BMS CAT is a leading mold removal and mold remediation company in Sunrise, FL. Not only do we remove mold from the property, but we also assess the cause and put in solutions to prevent further mold growth in the area. Let the expert mold remediation company in Sunrise, FL help to ensure you have a safe environment in your building.


Complete Soot & Smoke Damage Cleanup and Fire Damage Restoration

Cleaning up after a fire can be difficult. You need to know how to deodorize the space to get rid of the smell of smoke. Proper removal of soot is necessary to prevent damage and discoloration to the interior of your building and its contents.

To get all this done, you need to work with a professional fire damage restoration company like BMS CAT.

Sunrise, FL’s Professional Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Company

BMS CAT offers smoke and fire damage restoration services that get your home or business up and running as quickly as possible. Our expert team takes care of all the details necessary for an effective restoration process.

We start with a thorough damage assessment to prepare a mitigation strategy and outline the plan to restore your property. From water extraction, soot removal, building deodorization, contents and interior cleaning and building reconstruction, we handle all the nitty-gritty items to get your building ready for you.

With a large team of well-trained restoration experts, we can provide emergency response to any size disaster in Sunrise, FL. No matter the type of business, building or residential property, BMS CAT will take care of it for you leaving you with the knowledge that your building and contents are in good hands.