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Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Fire Damage Restoration in Sunnyvale, San Francisco

In the lovely West Coast city of Sunnyvale, you should have 24/7 access to quality damage restoration services in case of an emergency. BMS CAT is that company for water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration. We specialize in residential and commercial disaster recovery services in San Francisco. 

We are a dependable company that delivers as we promise. Our damage restoration professionals are always ready to get your building restored faster and limit downtime. Don’t let inferior quality work cost you more in time and money. Let the experts start from the outset and see how much of a difference it is to work with a team of professionals who understand how to do damage restoration right.

Contact BMS CAT if you have water damage, fire damage, or mold, and you want expert restoration services in Sunnyvale, CA.

Water Damage Restoration for Homes and Businesses in Santa Clara County

It can be expensive and time-consuming to restore your home or business after water damage occurs. With BMS CAT, we make the process easier for you. We work with your insurance company to help settle the claims, then we make the time-consuming task ours and get your building dried quickly.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Service in Sunnyvale, SF

When dealing with water damage, it means you are closed for business until you can get it resolved. This means lost hours, increased downtime, and lost revenue.

If you want to limit how long your business is down due to water damage, then call BMS CAT.

We work with municipal buildings, commercial property, businesses, and homes to get water damage under control quickly. Our teams come equipped to extract the water in an efficient manner and dry the building fast. As we have said, working quickly is crucial. BMS CAT knows how to do this while protecting your property from further damage.

Residential Water Damage Restoration in Sunnyvale, CA

We take care of water damage in homes as well. That’s why we say no project is too large or too small for us to handle. Water damage can occur when you least expect it, so getting on top of it quickly is necessary to limit damage and mold growth.

We offer 24-hour access for urgent responses to water damage emergencies across Sunnyvale.

Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation Services, San Francisco

In the San Francisco Bay area, BMS CAT is a considered one of the leading damage restoration companies with our numerous satisfied customers who have seen our process first hand for effective mold remediation services in their homes and businesses.

If you have a mold problem and want it resolved fast, then you need to call BMS CAT.

Our process ensures that we address the factors contributing to the mold and help you with mitigation strategies to prevent a reoccurrence.

Let us get you back to having a healthy indoor air quality free of an abundance of mold spores. Protect your property, building structure, and your health. Let BMS CAT take care of your mold cleanup and mold remediation needs.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Fire damage is complicated. It may have several different elements which not just any company can handle. There’s the water that may have been used to douse the flames. Then, there is debris removal that needs to take place. Soot and smoke must be professionally removed to prevent further damages. Parts or your building may require reconstruction.

With all that needs to be done, you need a professional fire damage restoration company in Sunnyvale. That would be BMS CAT.

Debris Removal and Cleanup

Once we get the go-ahead to start, we will board up the space to protect your property and to prevent the spread of ash and soot. We will cart away the debris and remains from the fire as well.

Smoke odor removal

We don’t mask the scent of the smoke. We follow IICRC guidelines to get the odor out of your building and that’s why you need a professional damage restoration company on hand to do so for you.

Restoration and Rebuilding

Our fire damage technicians will rebuild your structure and have your building ready to be reoccupied fast.

While we work quickly, we still maintain the high quality that we are known for in the industry. Let BMS CAT be the fire damage restoration company to get your home or business back to like new conditions.