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Professional Damage Restoration Company Springfield TN

Expert water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire and smoke damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Nashville TN

Water Damage Restoration Specialists Springfield TN

When you have water damage, you know that water will try to find itself to the lowest level, seeping through floorboards, etc. But did you know that water can also travel upwards on your walls and insulation?

So, when you’re dealing with water damage, it’s not just the floors you need to have dried. You also have to consider how well you remove the moisture from your walls, partitions, insulations, etc. This often can only be done with advanced air-drying equipment that helps to extract the moisture from a building. Extracting the water and drying the premises properly is necessary to prevent mold growth and other damages to the building over the long-term.

This is just one of the main reasons why it’s important that you get a professional damage restoration company to handle your water damaged property.

BMS CAT has been handling water damage for decades. With trained restoration experts who have had years of experience with these types of problems, they can help you get your home or business back faster no matter the level of water damage. With their level of expertise, and the dynamic team we have working for us, we can take care of all the issues that can arise from water damage such as mold and structural damage.

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Services Nashville TN

When excess moisture is left unaddressed, mold often becomes a problem. This can be from obvious issues like flooding from a storm or water damage from broken equipment. But, there are other ways such as consistent excess condensation, or water from your cooling units. As a serious post-water damage problem, mold needs to be handled as quickly as possible. This is especially important if you end up with black mold or another type of toxic mold in your building.

Mold in any forms is dangerous to your health. From respiratory problems to skin irritations and other illnesses, exposure to mold can cause you to suffer serious conditions. Plus, mold can grow on a variety of surfaces. It can grow on wooden material, in fabrics, insulating materials, ceiling tiles, and more items found in your home or business. This can lead to structural damage, discoloration, and damaged walls and ceilings. This means both your health and the safety of your building is at risk when mold is left unaddressed.

Getting your building dry and mold free is easy with BMS CAT. We are a mold removal AND mold remediation company. That means we have the necessary equipment to get your building dry and to remove the mold no matter where it’s located in the building. Our processes allow us to remove walls and ceilings and replace them with fresh, uncontaminated material. Plus, we work with both residential and commercial properties to ensure they have safe spaces to protect the health of the people that matter.

So, if you want your home or business to be safe from mold, then contact BMS CAT in Springfield, TN.

Fire Damage Restoration Services Springfield

Where fire damage has affected your home or business, you cannot delay the restoration process. The longer you take to start and complete the restoration, the more destruction the smoke and ash can cause. The longer you take to address the damage, the costlier the repairs will be from more damage.

You can avoid a costlier repair bill and long-term issues from fire damage if you contact BMS CAT as soon as possible after the fire is put out. Our main priority is getting our clients back into a safe, clean, and fully restored building quickly. We know how essential your home is to your family. We understand that businesses need to reduce lost working hours to maintain their profitability. With all this in mind, we have a proven process to ensure thorough cleaning and restorations of buildings and contents from fire damage.

Contact your fire damage restoration service in Springfield – BMS CAT

Our 5-star ratings show that our clients are continuously satisfied with the level of work we produce. Your building will be in good hands with BMS CAT’s fire and smoke damage restoration technicians. We are the Nashville restoration company that can assess the damage, give you an estimate, and start and finish the recovery process fast.