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Water Damage Restoration Silver Spring, MD | Mold Remediation Services Montgomery County | Fire Damage Restoration

The leading damage restoration company in Silver Spring, Montgomery County for water damage restoration, mold removal, and fire damage restoration.

BMS CAT provides 24/7 damage restoration services in Maryland, Washington DC, and Baltimore areas. Our company is known for our:

  • Fast response to emergencies throughout Montgomery County
  • Working with most insurance companies to help our clients settle their claims quickly
  • Technicians who follow IICRC guidelines

Let BMS CAT help you quickly recover from water, mold, and fire damage. Call us today if your building is damaged and you want the best damage restoration service in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Water Damage Restoration in Silver Spring, MD

Our priority is to ensure that you have a dry, clean, sanitized, and repaired property after water damage. We handle all aspects of the restoration process for a smoother and faster recovery.

Our process includes:

  • Working with your insurance company to help settle your water damage claims
  • Water extraction using industrial grade equipment to get the water out of the building fast to limit additional damage
  • Drying the premises with equipment made to hasten the drying process and remove moisture
  • Inspection for moisture using advanced moisture detection tools
  • Sanitizing the space to prevent or repair contamination
  • Water damage cleanup to remove all debris and other items brought by the waters, especially where your building was flooded by a storm
  • Repairing structural damage, and restoring contents where possible.

BMS CAT handles it all for you and leaves you with a restored building and the peace of mind of a job well done.

Silver Spring Mold Removal and Remediation Services

We understand the health implications of mold. We know how difficult it can be to remove the mold in a manner that protects health and property. That’s why our technicians are mold removal and remediation specialists. Our damage restoration experts always work to deliver the best mold removal services in Silver Springs.

If you have mold in your building, get fast, professional help with BMS CAT. If you suspect that you have a mold issue, then ask for our comprehensive mold inspection service. Designed to detect mold anywhere in the building, we can identify the location of the mold growth and what needs to be done to rectify it. As part of our process, we can help you with mitigation strategies to limit the growth of mold and protect the health of you and anyone else in the building.

Don’t risk your health with mold. Contact BMS CAT today for thorough mold inspection and effective mold treatment and remediation services. We provide mold remediation for both residential and commercial properties. Our mold remediation crews can handle any size mold problem you may have.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Silver Spring and Montgomery County

No one wants to ever experience a fire. The fact is we can do everything to protect our homes or business, but sometimes devastating accidents can happen.

If you should ever experience a fire at your home or business, know that BMS CAT will help you recover quickly and get your building restored. Our compassionate yet knowledgeable technicians understand the stresses you face and are ready to take them on for you. Our smoke and fire damage restoration service include:

  • Assistance with settling claims through your insurance company
  • Board up services and tarps for protection of your building and contents
  • Debris removal and clean-up
  • Water damage restoration and mold treatment where necessary
  • Structural repairs
  • Smoke odor removal/deodorization, and sanitization

What to do if there was a fire nearby?

Even if your building wasn’t damaged by fire, smoke and ash from nearby fires can lead to damage in your home. Smoke and ash can cause structural damage and discoloration of your walls and equipment. If there was a major fire next door and you are smelling smoke in your building, it’s time to get a professional fire/smoke damage restoration team to remove the odor and potentially hazardous ash for you.

When you want expert fire damage restoration, mold removal, and water damage restoration services in Silver Spring, call BMS CAT.