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First Class Damage Restoration Services in Sandy Springs, GA for Water Damage, Fire/Smoke Damage, Mold Damage

As the sixth largest city in Georgia, Sandy Springs is a thriving metropolitan city. As with all metro areas, you need to have on call, reliable businesses that offer dependable emergency services. BMS CAT is a residential and commercial emergency restoration company in Atlanta. We provide smoke and fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and water damage restoration services.

Fire & Water Damage RepairAs a full-service restoration company, our licensed contractors can handle all aspects of the restoration process. From inspections to restorations, repairs, and rebuilding, our team of trained restoration technicians can take care of it all.

If ever you are in an unfortunate situation and experience fire, smoke, water, or mold damage, give us a call. We respond quickly to emergencies 24/7, and we get you back up sooner with an expert and fully equipped team.

Water Damage Restoration Services, Sandy Springs, GA

One of the worst things you can encounter as a homeowner is a flooded home. It’s overwhelming just deciding how to start, where to start, and what to do. Not only are your furnishings and equipment likely damaged, but all your personal items and family treasures are buried in there somewhere.

This has happened to numerous other homeowners just like you in Sandy Springs. Just like them, you can recover and restart quickly. You can refurbish your items and restore some of those treasures. But only if you act fast, and by acting fast, we mean calling BMS CAT as soon as possible.

BMS CAT specializes in water damage restoration for homes and businesses across Atlanta. We fix what others may break during their attempts at restoration. We enable homeowners and business owners to get on with their lives as soon as possible.

Our well-trained water damage restoration specialists have handled large and small water damage projects. We come equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for fast-acting water damage restoration services.

We know the problems that you could face from prolonged water damage, and we have ensured that our specialists come prepared to tackle them. Whenever you want a reliable partner to help you quickly recover from a water incident, we are the team for you.

Mold Removal and Remediation Company, Sandy Springs, Atlanta

Choosing BMS CAT means you are getting a two-for-one deal – a mold removal AND remediation company. Some companies only specialize in mold removal. All they care about is taking out the mold. What they don’t do is fix the problem that leads to the mold growth in the first place. Many companies do not, or are not equipped, to carry out restoration work on any areas that may be damaged in the mold removal process. Nor do they help you implement strategies to limit the reoccurrence of the mold problem. With companies that only offer removal services, you may have the same mold problem reoccurring in a few months, and then you’re back to square one.

But, with BMS CAT you get a better solution that lasts much longer. Our mold removal and remediation specialists are trained to handle all aspects of mold growth, including:

  • Identifying the cause of the moisture that led to the growth 
  • Expertly removing the mold from the building
  • Eliminating any further spread to other rooms that are uncontaminated
  • Clearing your HVAC system of any mold spores that might be circulating
  • Disinfecting the building
  • Restoring any damaged area
  • Working with you to create a good plan to prevent a reoccurrence

Sandy Springs Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Picking up the pieces after a fire can be a daunting task. With charred debris everywhere, smoke and soot all around and water all over the place, it does look overwhelming. You may not know the first place to start. 

After a fire, call BMS CAT for fast fire damage repair and restoration work.

We are the leading restoration company in Atlanta and have vast experience handling fire damage in Sandy Springs and other Atlanta suburbs. When you entrust your home or business to us, you know that we will take the best care possible and restore it to “like new” when we are done.

We have a very thorough restoration process that takes care of:

  • Any water damage from firefighting efforts
  • Removal of debris and other damaged structure from the property
  • Cleaning the space and getting rid of all traces of soot
  • Disinfecting the building to prevent bacterial growth
  • Deodorizing the space to remove the smoke odor
  • Rebuilding the damaged structure
  • Restoration of items that can be saved

You can get all of these services under one roof and just work with a single point of contact to reduce the stress of it all. We’ll even work with your insurance company to help with the claims process.

So, if you want to efficiently pick up the pieces after a fire, contact BMS CAT.