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Water Damage Restoration Reston VA | Mold Remediation | Fire Damage Restoration Services

Residential & Commercial Damage Restoration Services

As a leader in the damage restoration industry, BMS CAT is often on call for emergency damage restoration services. Our technicians are dedicated to giving our clients the best damage restoration services in Reston VA.

The BMS CAT Difference:

  • 24-hour emergency service and response
  • Technicians that follow IICRC guidelines

Have a question about our services? Just give us a call.

Reston Residential Damage Restoration Services

BMS CAT’s technicians help residential customers recover quickly from water damage, mold, and fire. You get your home back fast with our professional restorations, knowledge of the best restoration methods, and our use of advanced equipment that makes the process smoother.

Don’t be left out of home for longer than you need to be. Call BMS CAT for the best damage restoration service in Reston for residential properties.

Reston Commercial Damage Restoration Services

Get back to business faster and reduce your business downtime with BMS CAT’s commercial damage restoration services. We help owners get back to business from water damage, mold, and fire damage. Let BMS CAT give you the best commercial damage restoration service in Reston, VA with our knowledgeable technicians ready to get your business like new again.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Reston, VA

Water damage can cause quite a lot of problems for you in your home or business. The longer it takes for you to get someone to quickly visit and start the restoration process, the more damage that will happen.

Mold can start growing within 48-72 hours. Structural damage will occur the longer the water is resting in your building. You can get a team of professional water damage restoration technicians in Reston VA to your building at any time of the day or night with BMS CAT. Our comprehensive water damage restoration service includes:

Damage Assessment:

We determine the cause of the water damage if it’s not something obvious such as a flood or broken equipment. If it’s a leak, our assessment will help to determine where the leak is. The water damage assessment also outlines the work needed to be done to restore and repair the property.

Water Extraction and Drying:

Once we can start, we will quickly extract the water using advanced equipment. We use industrial type equipment for a faster drying process and to eliminate moisture to prevent mold growth. We also sanitize as part of this process, especially if a sewer leak caused the water damage, for a safer building.

Restoration and reconstruction:

Once we are sure that your building is dried, we start the restoration and reconstruction process to get it like new again.

With BMS CAT, your building will be restored from water damage faster.

Mold Remediation Services, Reston VA

Professional mold remediation helps you to address a mold problem the right way. Otherwise, you may attempt to do it yourself and cause harm to yourself because you didn’t have the right equipment. Or, you may end up causing the mold spores to spread to other areas of the building because you weren’t able to put in proper containment measures.

If you want to ensure that you get the mold removed properly, then contact BMS CAT. Our mold remediation technicians in Reston know how to quickly and effectively remove mold and restore any damage caused. Our teams of damage restoration experts have handled residential and commercial mold removal problems in Virginia of all sizes.

Remember that mold can cause serious health issues. It pays to have it done the right way from the first time. That’s what we do at BMS CAT.

Reston VA Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Fire damage can be devastating. But, the recovery process doesn’t have to be a hassle. Instead, contact the leading damage restoration company in Reston for fire and smoke damage restoration. We offer quality repairs to restore your property fast. We don’t sacrifice quality to ensure you get back your home or business like new.

Our technicians have the expertise to handle residential and commercial fire damage restorations. We handle all the details to reduce your stress and get you back a fully restore building quickly.

Contact BMS CAT for 24-hour emergency response and damage restoration services in Reston, Virginia.