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Paterson Property Damage Restoration Services

Residential & Commercial Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, & Fire Damage Restoration, Paterson, NJ

When you want cost-effective, knowledgeable solutions to your damage restoration needs, you only need to call BMS CAT. As a leading damage restoration company in Paterson, New Jersey, we have seen and handled numerous types of projects. From private to public buildings, homes and businesses, our clients know they can rely on us to deliver the quality service they need and expect.

Our combination of professional team members, knowledge, and experience allows us to deliver exceptional services 24/7. For decades, we have been providing a high level of service to residential and commercial clients across the US. We are a results-oriented company that ensures that our clients are always satisfied with the end result.

Commercial & Residential Damage Restoration Services in Paterson, NJ

Residential Damage Restoration

Making your home safe again after mold, fire, or water damage is a difficult task to tackle on your own, but you can get it done quickly when you call BMS CAT. We offer fast and effective damage restoration services you and your family can rely on.

Get back into your home that is safely cleaned and properly restored for your health. Call BMS CAT any time of the day or night for a quick response and fast service.

Commercial Damage Restoration

Investing in cheap resources without the relevant skills and certifications is a recipe for disaster for any business. What you need are cost-effective solutions that will get your business back up and running to reduce your operational downtime.

We understand the needs of businesses both large and small. From commercial complexes to government offices, to restaurants and schools, we deliver exceptional results for a variety of institutions throughout Paterson, NJ.

Water Damage Restoration Services

They type and severity of the damage will determine the course of action we take. Our professional assessment will take into account all of the issues affecting your property and put together the right course of action for a fast restoration.

With the BMS CAT water damage restoration process, the first thing we do is put in mitigation strategies to prevent additional damage. Then, we take care of the water extraction and drying process. We’ll also remove furniture and other contents to prevent damage and restore them where necessary.

Get a dry and restored building fast with BMS CAT. Don’t let your building suffer more damage than necessary. Call us today for our signature fast response and effective remediation services.

Mold Remediation Services

Mold can be a dangerous organism to have in your home. It may respiratory health and can cause skin irritations in those with asthma and allergies. 

Mold can be found in different locations in your home. It can take root in wood, on your carpet or in the drywall and insulation of the building. It can then lead to structural damage based on how long the mold is left to propagate in your building.

Mold is a serious problem that requires professional assistance to ensure that your building is safe. Contact BMS CAT for expert mold removal and mold remediation services. Let’s make your home and your business safe for all. If you suspect that you have a mold issue, request a thorough mold inspection from BMS CAT in Paterson, NJ.

Fire Damage Restoration

Cleaning up fire damage is intensive work. Without the right help and equipment, you can end up with more loss than just from the fire. The smoke and soot covering your building structure and contents can cause even more damage. If you hire inexperienced contractors, the restoration process can take longer and cost more.

But, there is an easy way to get all that needs to be done accomplished quickly and with expert help. Simply contact BMS CAT as soon as you can so that our restoration process can start as quickly as possible. This way we can save more of your building and contents and restore your property to like new condition even more quickly.

Don’t wait to contact us. We are available 24-hours daily. Let’s get your home or business back to like new conditions in the best way possible. Call BMS CAT today for expert fire damage restoration services in Paterson, New Jersey.