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Water Damage Restoration | Mold Remediation | Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration, Parma, OH

Living and working in the largest Suburb in Cleveland, you deserve to have access to some of the best services available in Ohio. That’s why BMS CAT is proud to serve the residents and business owners across Parma.

BMS CAT is available 24/7 to Parma, OH residents, 365 days a year. Our clients know they can count on us for professional damage restoration services for their homes or company property. With IICRC industry certified technicians, we cover water damage, mold, and fire and smoke damage to homes and businesses.

When you need fast, effective, and efficient damage restoration services in Parma, call BMS CAT, your local damage restoration company in Cleveland, OH.

Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If you do not take care of water damage immediately, the excess water can prove disastrous. From electrical hazards to damaging expensive equipment and furnishings, water damage is dangerous and can lead to rot. If water damage is not addressed with 48 hours, a moisture problem can lead to mold growth.

We are an expert water damage restoration company that helps to limit these issues in your property – if you act quickly and call us as soon as possible. Our services include basement flood restoration and mold removal. We also handle water damage stemming from plumbing failure or because of fire suppression activities.

Let our professional technicians help get your property moisture-free and limit the effects of water damage in your home or business.

Cleveland Mold Removal and Mold Damage Remediation

Some homeowners and property managers underestimate the damage that mold can cause. Not only does mold look unsightly, but it can affect your health. Mold can cause headaches, breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, and skin irritation. You could even experience allergic reactions or make your asthmatic symptoms worse.

Mold grows in damp conditions. It can grow in your drywall, carpets, ceiling tiles, and just about any porous material that has been left damp. Water damage restoration can limit or prevent a mold issue.

Mold removal and remediation services are best accomplished with a specialist company that has trained and IICRC certified technicians. Ensure that you employ a quality mold removal services company, especially if you suspect that you have black mold.

If you notice that you have mold, contact BMS CAT to quickly help you get rid of your mold problem.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services, Parma, OH

With fire or smoke damage, fast action is essential. After a fire, smoke and soot will settle across the property and on all surfaces creating further damage to your contents and structure. Smoke and ash are corrosive and can quickly cause further damage in addition to the charred effects of the fire. Water damage can also occur from fire suppression activities.

The longer you wait to start the restoration process, the closer your contents and structure will move from being savable to unsalvageable.

Smoke and fire damage restoration experts help to restore properties fast. BMS CAT technicians excel at ensuring that our clients can recover as much as possible and quickly restore their property to pre-fire conditions.

We can work faster because we manage all aspects of the restoration process. This means fewer headaches and stress for you as you deal with these disastrous events and putting your life back together.

The Leading Damage Restoration Company in Parma, OH

As damage restoration experts, our technicians are trained to handle property damage from a variety of disasters. Since 1981, we have been restoring properties and the peace of mind of our clients.

Call us today for 24/7 response and emergency damage restoration services in Parma, OH.