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Nashua, NH Water Damage Restoration | Mold Remediation | Fire Damage Restoration

Your Nashua and Boston Damage Restoration Company

Water DamageIn Southern New Hampshire, you can quickly access advanced damage restoration services. As a Nashua water damage restoration company, our restoration services are accessible 24/7. BMS CAT damage restoration contractors are all skilled and equipped for a variety of restoration work. They follow IICRC standards and offer a quality of restoration that keeps our past clients recommending our services.

If you have suffered from fire, smoke, mold, or water damage and want the best damage restoration service in your area, then call BMS CAT. We work with homes and businesses across the city of Nashua and throughout the Boston area. Don’t let your building or contents suffer from inexperienced hands. Let our highly-qualified and experienced contractors get your home and contents looking like new, faster.

Water Damage Restoration in Nashua NH, Boston MA

Do you need a water damage contractor in Nashua who can respond quickly to save your building and contents? Then call BMS CAT. From start to finish, you get quality water damage restoration services that quickly get rid of the water, dry up the moisture, and sanitize your home or business.

With us, you get expert water removal services to quickly and efficiently extract water from your flooded home. Our advanced equipment and capable contractors know the ideal methods for fast recovery from water damage.

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Nashua

Water damage can wreak severe havoc on your building if not handled quickly. If disaster strikes, BMS CAT is available 24/7  for flood damage repairs. Our water damage cleanup service is thorough, and we respond promptly to our emergency calls.

NH Mold Removal and Remediation (Nashua)

Proper mold removal and mold remediation services are necessary for your health. Mold in your home or office can lead to a variety of respiratory illnesses. These can include asthmatic conditions, sinus problems, breathing issues and more. If your building is affected by black mold, then the health risks can significantly increase. You will need the services of a qualified mold removal and remediation contractor. With their experience, BMS CAT can remove the mold from your building and help improve your indoor air quality.

For 24/7 mold removal services, contact BMS CAT. Our licensed mold removal specialists have years of experience working on large and small mold remediation projects throughout Nashua. They know the best solutions for identifying the cause of your mold problem and how to effectively address it. We also put in mold mitigation strategies to ensure that your building cannot be easily affected by the same problem.

Advanced Mold Inspection and Detection Services

Sometimes mold is not readily visible but your building may have a musty smell. Mold spores may be circulating and be the cause of respiratory health issues you are experiencing. If you’ve had any sort of water leak, it is a good idea to contact BMS CAT to test for mold growth in the structure or behind the walls.

If you need help to eliminate mold as the potential cause of your deteriorating indoor air quality, then schedule a mold inspection with BMS CAT. Over-the-counter test kits are unreliable and will not provide the level of testing necessary to determine if mold is present at elevated levels.

We use advanced techniques and equipment to inspect and detect if there is a mold problem in your building and identify where it may be coming from. Protect your family and health. Ask about our Mold Detection Services and how we can quickly remove mold from your Nashua home or business property.

Smoke and Odor Removal and Fire Damage Restoration Nashua

Fire is one of the most devastating things that can affect your home or business. In addition to the destruction of the fire itself, the soot and smoke left behind will cause additional damage if the restoration process isn’t started quickly.

For a company that can respond any time of the day or night to get started as soon as the firefighters leave, call the experts at BMS CAT. This will help mitigate further damage and get your home or business back to like new conditions much more quickly.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair and Insurance Claims (Nashua | Boston)

We can handle your insurance claims process as part of our damage restoration service. We will work with most insurers to provide a comprehensive survey of the damage and discuss what is needed to restore your property.

Let BMS CAT handle all the necessary details of getting your building restored with our comprehensive fire damage restoration service. 

BMS CAT, Your Nashua Damage Restoration Company

Work with the most friendly and efficient contractors in Nashua. Get a timely response to your property damage emergencies and qualified restoration contractors for every job.

For professional restoration services for water, fire, and mold damage, call BMS CAT.