As part of disaster recovery, a proper evaluation and scope are crucial to completing the recovery process. BMS CAT employees understand the importance of accuracy and are held to the highest standard when it comes to compiling estimates and scopes. No unnecessary supplements are submitted at any time. We maintain detailed records of salvageable and unsalvageable items as well as the building itself during the initial evaluation of a property. 

Insurance adjusters can expect a familiar format to review since we use a variety of estimating and reporting platforms.

Our employees hold numerous certifications with IICRC, NADCA, IAQA and the EPA. With over 30 years of experience working directly with most major insurance companies handling losses of all magnitudes, our focus has always been on accuracy and easing the stress caused by a loss.

When we restore a property and its content, we utilize the latest cleaning methods as well as our own specialized processes to ensure complete restoration. We have the ability to provide onsite cleaning and deodorization services and can pack and move personal items off site for cleaning and storage while a property is undergoing repairs. Returning our customers to their normal life is very important to us.


Project estimators are tasked with working with insurance adjusters to lay out the scope of the work needed and reach an agreement before any repairs or recovery start. We consistently communicate with our customers ensuring transparency as we work on their property. Timely completion is of the utmost importance to use since we understand that living expenses for anyone can increase exponentially as work progresses. We have an extensive vetting and credentialing procedures to ensure subcontractors deliver the highest quality product possible.

In summary, BMS CAT has the resources, infrastructure, expertise, experience and flexibility to get it right the first time.