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Dunwoody Restoration Services – Water Damage, Mold Removal and Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire & Water Damage RepairAs a Dunwoody resident and business person, you should have access to the best restoration services should disaster ever strike. And in Dunwoody, GA, the company to deliver that service is BMS CAT.

We are a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company that strives to be the epitome of a business built on quality service and integrity. Our residential and commercial restorations services are all designed to ensure that our clients recover quickly.

BMS CAT is equipped with all the required advanced tools and equipment for doing an excellent job. Our restoration experts are well-trained. They come with years of experience handling a variety of restoration projects. They understand the difficulties you face in recovering. We work closely with you for a seamless process and the best recovery results possible.

Residential and Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services for Dunwoody, GA

Water damage restoration is an expert field. It’s not just about mopping up the water you can see. It’s about extracting the water and properly drying the space with suitable equipment designed for these tasks. It also requires sanitizing the space, especially if the waters originated from outdoors.

We work with a proven water damage restoration process following IICRC industry-standard guidelines. And our BMS CAT specialists ensure that your home or business is quickly restored from water damage.

Don’t let water damage lead to more problems than necessary. And don’t leave your property up to amateur contractors who will cause more damage than they solve. Trust your building to a reliable water damage contractor.

Dunwoody Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services

If you have a mold issue in your home or business and need mold remediation services, then look for a company with qualified professionals. You should always employ a company that provides a safe and effective mold removal process for your home or business.

This is necessary if you want to ensure that mold has been correctly removed and remediation processes are at a high standard. In Dunwoody, BMS CAT is the mold removal company and remediation expert you need for an effective mold removal process.

BMS CAT’s mold remediation experts are highly trained and use the most advanced equipment in the industry for effective mold removal. We apply industry-standards and best practices for handling mold, developed over years of experience in this industry.

When you want to call in a mold removal professional in Dunwoody, contact BMS CAT.

Your Local Dunwoody Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Company

Has fire affected your building? We know these are unfortunate circumstances. And you are seeing your valuable property damaged by flames. In times like these, you should ensure that your restoration company is equipped to handle both fire and smoke damage restoration.

Did you know that smoke damage should be a concern for you? Even If your building wasn’t affected by a fire, but the smoke from a nearby fire entered your home, you still may need the services of a fire and smoke damage restoration company.

Smoke damage may be harmful to your health. Therefore, you need a company with specialists capable of correctly dealing with smoke damage. With the right equipment and know-how, they will remove the odor and sanitize the property to make it safe for reoccupation.

So, if you need to find a fire/smoke damage restoration company in Dunwoody, contact BMS CAT. Our restoration experts are available 24-hours daily. So, you will always have reliable specialists available when you need it most.