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Damage Restoration Contractors in Decatur & North Decatur, GA – Water Damage, Fire/Smoke Damage, Mold

Fire & Water Damage RepairIf you need a damage restoration company in east Atlanta, then contact BMS CAT. We support Decatur residents and business owners to help them recover quickly from disasters. Whether smoke, fire, water, or mold damage, our qualified team will have your property restored in no time. And we’ll handle all aspects of the restoration process, so you do not have to worry about anything.

BMS CAT delivers the metropolitan service with a southern town dedication to detail. You have access to world-class restoration services by technicians who treat you and your property with respect, in your time of need.

Our technicians are all highly-trained restoration contractors servicing the Atlanta area. They are insured for your protection and duly background checked so you can rest assured that you can trust the technicians from BMS CAT.

If you’re ever in the unfortunate circumstance of a smoke, fire, mold, or water damage incident, then contact the leading company servicing Decatur and surrounding cities in Atlanta.

The Water Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust, Decatur & North Decatur

All you need is a few inches of water inside your building to start wreaking havoc. The harmful effects of water cannot be understated. Nor the fact that you need fast service to ensure that you can recover quickly from water damage issues.

There are many ways flood damage can occur in your home or building. From a flooded basement to a backed-up sewer, pipe leak, or washing machine overflow, there are many potential causes of water damage in your residence or business.

If left unattended, within a 48-72 hours mold can start to grow. If the water is not extracted properly, then mildew may take over your space. If not dried correctly, then it can cause your building or furniture to rot.

At BMS CAT, our water damage restoration specialists are available 24/7 for emergency water damage services. They are ready to undertake:

  • Inspections and assessments of the damage
  • Fast water extraction
  • Drying and dehumidification of the space
  • Cleaning and disinfecting for your health and protection

They are accessible. They work fast, and you are in the best-trained hands for your water-damaged property to be properly restored.

Mold Removal and Remediation Services in Decatur & North Decatur, GA

If you are searching for a reliable, professional mold removal service in Decatur & North Decatur or Atlanta, then you’ve come to the right place.

We understand the anxiety of worrying about black mold in your home or business. We also know how important the health of those closest to you are. That’s why our team works so hard to ensure that our client’s mold problems are resolved in the best way possible.

With advanced equipment, knowledge, and experience, we are helping homeowners and business owners across Atlanta enjoy mold free buildings. Our IICRC trained specialists have taken care of small and large mold remediation projects above and beyond what is expected.

If you want to ensure that your building is truly mold-free, then invest in quality service with a name you can trust. Don’t let cost be a factor when considering your health and the health of the people important to you. Mold removal companies can only do so much. You need a mold remediation company that understands the intricacies of removing mold, preventing reoccurrence, and restoring property and contents.

If that sounds like the service you deserve, then schedule a visit by the mold removal specialist at BMS CAT today.

Decatur & North Decatur Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Company

Has your home or business been damaged by a fire or by smoke? Are you searching for a reliable fire and smoke damage restoration company that can quickly get your building back to a pre-loss condition? If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

Fire can be devastating to your business or residence. When you need to get a head start on your recovery efforts, you need to start the process as soon as the fire trucks depart. This is necessary to prevent water damage and limit or prevent mold growth. That’s where BMS CAT comes in.

We know it’s hard thinking about rebuilding while the firefighters are hosing down your building. But the faster you take action, the sooner we can help you back on your feet with the best restoration services in Decatur & North Decatur near you. With BMS CAT, you get a comprehensive range of services that take care of all aspects of the restoration process all under one roof.

Leave the anxiety and despair behind, and work with a compassionate team that rebuilds homes and businesses with quality fire/smoke damage restoration services every day.