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Water Damage Restoration | Mold Remediation | Fire Damage Restoration | Concord, San Francisco

As a premier damage restoration company in Concord, BMS CAT has helped thousands of people just like you to quickly recover from water damage, fire damage, and mold issues. We focus on getting your building safe for occupation the right way.

We give you the hassle-free way to get your property restored and ready for use faster.

Reasons our clients choose us

  • Fast response any time of the day or night
  • Technicians that follow IICRC guidelines
  • Fully equipped teams with advanced equipment and tools for safe and effective restoration
  • Comprehensive processes for all damage restoration needs from fire, mold, mildew, flood, water damage
  • Years of experience handling large and small damage restoration jobs across the USA

If you want to work with a company that understands the stresses you are going through, and where our technicians can work quickly, are flexible, and compassionate to your needs, give BMS CAT a call.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Repairs

What if I told you that you could get the leading water damage restoration company in San Francisco to respond to your emergency query now? Yes, BMS CAT technicians are available 24/7 to handle calls day and night.

We know that disaster can strike when you least expect it. That’s why you need a dedicated team of experts ready to help you put the pieces back together quickly. That is what we offer – a smooth process to move from disaster to recovery as quickly as possible.

Call BMS CAT today for the best water damage restoration service in Concord, CA.

Mold Inspection, Testing, Removal, and Remediation, San Francisco

DIY mold treatment is often a recipe for disaster. There are so many things that can go wrong. From inhaling toxic mold spores, to spreading mold spores throughout the building, to missing the cause of the issue itself – the possibilities can go on.

But, this does not have to be your reality. You can improve your indoor air quality, protect your health, and address the water damage problem simply by calling BMS CAT.

We are a mold removal and remediation company that helps residential and commercial clients take care of mold issues. Following IICRC guidelines and industry best practices, we ensure that we reduce the level of harmful mold in your home and fix the problem causing the mold to grow.

You can rest assured that your building will be in great hands with BMS CAT.

Smoke Removal and Fire Damage Restoration Services Concord, CA

Fire and smoke damage is not easy to handle. First, there is the removal of burnt debris. Then you need to get rid of the ash that is not only dangerous to your health but will also damage building structure and discolor walls, appliances, and other contents. The smoke odor will require special processes to address.

Water extraction and mold restoration may be necessary. Then there is the need for sanitizing the space to make it safe. Of course, all of this is before the actual reconstruction and building repairs starts. In the middle of all this, you are trying to deal with your insurance agent and not having all the requisite documentation such as a detailed restoration estimate to settle the claim quickly.

Now, imagine that you can hand over all of that work to one central place and all you need to do is talk with a project manager to assess the status of the project. Well, that’s what we offer at BMS CAT – a stress-free way to get your business or home restored faster from fire damage.

Give us a call and let our restoration experts get started on your fire damage today.

California Damage Restoration Company

BMS CAT is a full-service damage restoration company. We specialize in restoring property and contents damaged because of fire, smoke, water, or mold. We are known for quality service and 100% customer satisfaction for our jobs. You can expect cost-effective restoration and repair solutions for both commercial and residential properties throughout San Francisco.

We are proud of the history we have built with our clients and look forward to doing the same with you. If you’re based in Concord, CA and you have unfortunately suffered damage, you can expect a quick response when you call us.

Contact BMS CAT today for fire, smoke, mold, and water damage restoration services in San Francisco.