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Burlington, MA Water Damage Restoration, Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration, and Mold Remediation for Homes and Businesses

Do you need a fast-acting water, fore or smoke damage restoration company in the industrial town of Burlington, MA? Has mold has taken over your home, and you need a qualified removal company?

Whatever the case may be, instead of searching for “water damage restoration company near me”, contact BMS CAT. You will be working with an expert damage restoration company to assist with your fire, smoke, water, or mold damage restoration.

Expert Damage Restoration Company

Property Damage Restoration

As a company with extensive experience in the damage restoration industry, our expert restoration technicians come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Not only are they fully qualified, but they are also amongst the best at customer service in their field.

Our company is consistently ranked highly for our service delivery and the quality of our workmanship. Know that you are getting top-of-the-line care when you choose BMS CAT.

Professional Burlington MA Water Damage Restoration Services (Boston)

BMS CAT is a leading property restoration service in Burlington, Boston. With advanced drying equipment and expert restoration techniques, we are  ready to take on any water damage restoration project, no matter the size.

We know that water damage can be sudden, especially if it occurs from a broken pipe. When a storm floods your home, it can be devastating. If you should experience flood damage to your home or business, know that we can respond quickly, 24/7.

Burlington Flood Damage Removal & Drying

If your home or business was flooded, then we can help with the cleanup and drying process. Our flood and water damage repair services in Burlington assist property owners with:

  • Water extraction
  • Full structural drying
  • Sanitizing
  • Mold growth prevention
  • Restoration of building and contents

Let the experts get your property back in order quickly. Contact BMS CAT as soon as you notice water damage for a fast response and quick restoration services.

Boston Mold Removal and Restoration Service

If you suspect that you have a mold problem, or you are seeing signs of mold in your home, then you need a Boston-located mold removal and restoration service. We can assist with the removal of any mold – including black mold – successfully from your home or business.

Talk to one of our vastly experienced mold remediation technicians today and see how quickly we will put your mind at ease and help get rid of your mold problem.

Mold Inspection & Air Quality Testing

As part of our mold removal and remediation services, we carry out mold inspections. This is to identify the problem areas, the potential cause of the issue, and to help identify lasting solutions to your mold problem. Once we are through with our mold remediation work, our air quality testing ensures that we have addressed the problem to help protect your health.

If you want comprehensive mold damage remediation services in Burlington, then discover the best mold remediation company at BMS CAT. Call us today to schedule a mold inspection for your health and safety.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Facing the aftermath of a fire is a traumatic experience and can feel overwhelming. For  compassionate help to deal with it all, then contact BMS CAT.

Our technicians have helped many home and business owners rebuild their properties and their lives quickly after a fire. You too can experience the quality fire damage restoration services offered by BMS CAT.

Fire damage cleanup company in Burlington

Cleanup after a fire is one of the time-consuming parts of a fire damage restoration project. When handled incorrectly, it could lead to more damage to your property and contents. Soot and smoke need to be properly cleaned to prevent structural damage and to protect your health.

BMS CAT’s technicians are trained for fire damage restoration and are fully aware of all the details that go into a comprehensive restoration project. You can rest assured that, just like our many satisfied customers, you too will have help to quickly restore your home or office.

Contact BMS CAT for quality damage restoration services in Burlington, MA – including water damage, smoke & fire damage, and mold removal services you can count on.