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Water Damage Restoration Services Arlington, VA | Mold Remediation Company | Fire Damage Restoration

BMS CAT in Arlington, Virginia is one of the leading water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration companies in the city. If your home or business property is suffering from any of these issues, then give us a call.

We offer:

  • Fast response, 24/7
  • Emergency damage restoration
  • Restoration experts who follow IICRC guidelines
  • A faster restoration process without affecting the quality

When you want to work with the best, call BMS CAT. As a member of the city of Arlington, we offer the type of excellent service that is expected in the city and surrounding areas like Washington DC. We understand that you need quality service to get your home or business restored quickly from damage. That’s what we do and what we are known for.

Let BMS CAT get your home or business repaired faster. We offer residential and commercial fire, mold, and water damage restoration services in Arlington, VA.

Arlington, VA Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage can lead to severe issues. Structural damage, mold, and mildew are just some of the more pressing problems that can arise from water damage that is not handled quickly. The longer it lasts, the more damage you’ll have and the more you’ll have to spend to fix it.

Don’t let water damage lead to more problems in your home. Get it addressed quickly with BMS CAT. We will identify the source of the water damage if it’s not immediately obvious. Then, we will quickly repair the damage as well as restore any issues that it caused with your building. We will also sanitize the space for your safety.

So, let the damage restoration experts at BMS CAT get your building restored faster from water damage.

Mold Remediation Services, Arlington VA and the Washington DC area

Within only 24-hours of water damage, mold can start growing in your building. If there is a roof leak or a damaged pipe somewhere in your house, you may have mold and not realize it. If you have a musty scent in the house or a worsening respiratory ailment, you may need to get a mold inspection done.

BMS CAT mold inspection services in Arlington, VA is thorough. Our process and equipment allow us to identify all the affected areas in your home or business. Then we can outline the best mold removal and remediation process to get your issues under control. Our mold remediation experts will then ensure that the mold is removed, and any damaged area restored. Your home or business will soon have better indoor air quality.

Don’t let mold get out of hand in your property. Contact BMS CAT for effective mold removal and mold remediation services in Arlington and the Washington DC area.

Fire Damage Recovery Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in Arlington, MD

We understand how overwhelming fire damage can be in your home or business. With BMS CAT offering a helping hand, you can get your building restored faster from fire damage.

Our comprehensive restoration service will take care of all the major and minor details to ensure a fully restored property. We offer:

  • Help settling claims with your insurance company
  • Water damage restoration because of water used in firefighting
  • Mold remediation if there is an issue
  • Debris removal
  • Smoke and odor removal and building sanitization
  • Reconstruction and restoration

All of these services are handled by BMS CAT, so you don’t have to work with multiple contractors. You get everything related to your fire damage restoration services dealt with under one roof so that you have less stress in getting your building back to like new conditions.

The Damage Restoration Experts in Arlington, Virginia

BMS CAT technicians follow IICRC guidelines for damage restoration. They  handle all matters that can arise from water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation.

We handle any size disaster and work with both residential and commercial properties. When you have an emergency damage situation, call BMS CAT. Our restoration experts in Arlington are waiting to make your home or business like new faster.