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Altamonte Springs Damage Restoration Company for Water Damage, Mold Remediation, and Fire Damage

Damage restoration services in Orlando available 24/7 to help you restore your property 

Has a flood, water, mold, or fire damaged your property? At BMS CAT we help you get your property back to pre-loss condition. BMS CAT is a leading residential and commercial water damage and flood cleanup company in Altamonte Springs, FL. Our company is known for its comprehensive cleanup and restoration process for water, fire, and mold in homes and businesses.

Give us a call today. We are available 24/7/365 for emergency response to your damage restoration problem.

Water Extraction, Drying, and Damage Restoration Services Altamonte Springs

water damage restorationFlood damage repairs require proper training, the right equipment, and a level of urgency. The best results are achieved in the first 24-48 hours after the water damage has occurred. After that, more work may be needed to complete the restoration process. Whether you contact BMS CAT in the first 48 hours or after, we can help you put the pieces back together for a quality restored home or business.

We mitigate the impact of water damage in your Altamonte Springs property. With our equipment, we can detect moisture throughout the building and take measures to ensure that the space is properly dried to prevent mold, mildew, and musty indoor scents.

We can also assist you in the insurance claims process as we work closely with most insurance companies. Let the experts limit your frustrations and take care of the details for you. Have the best water damage restoration company in Altamonte Springs, Orlando get your home or business dry, safe, and ready for use.

Commercial and Residential Mold Remediation Altamonte Springs

Are you tired of trying various methods to get rid of mold, but it just keeps coming back? As a leading mold remediation company in Altamonte Springs, our comprehensive remediation process will ensure that we get a handle on your mold problem and help to keep the issue from returning.

Most times, the underlying factors have not been addressed which is why the mold keeps returning. When you find where the moisture that is feeding the mold growth is coming from, then you can fix the source of the problem properly. With the right moisture detection equipment, you can find exactly where an issue might be that is leading to the mold growth.

With a professional remediation company, you can get the water damage problem fixed and then move on to the removal of the mold. Mold removal by itself is a highly skilled task. Without the proper tools and equipment, you could be exposing yourself to toxic mold. Without the proper procedures, you might also be contaminating other areas of the building, getting mold spores into your HVAC and other systems in your house or business place.

Don’t wait until it becomes a major issue before enlisting professional help. Call BMS CAT today for an inspection if you suspect you have a mold problem in your home or business.

Altamonte Springs Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services

It can feel overwhelming trying to recover from fire damage, but BMS CAT is here to help you through the entire fire damage restoration process.

You can access our services 24/7 for professional smoke and fire damage restoration. We understand the importance of starting quickly to limit further damage. Some of the services we offer as part of our full-service fire damage restoration process include:

  • Emergency board up to protect contents and prevent cross-contamination of unaffected areas
  • Debris removal and packing contents for restoration
  • Water extraction and drying to stabilize the structure
  • Smoke, soot, and odor removal with professional deodorization
  • Repairs and general construction
  • Insurance claims processing assistance

You don’t have to go it alone or worry about hiring multiple contractors to get your building restored. With a professional restoration company, you will get the right services to take care of any problems that could cause further damage. Soot, smoke, and odor require specialist treatment, otherwise, they can stay in your building and continue to wreak havoc.

Make sure you put your building in capable hands. Contact BMS CAT for emergency fire damage restoration today.