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Fire Safety and Prevention Tips for Businesses


A fire in the workplace can be a devastating health and safety hazard for your employees and the public, not to mention the severe damage it can cause to your business. Statistically, fire is quite a high risk for small businesses, so it’s essential to start practicing smart fire prevention tips in the workplace – if it’s not already a priority.

Workplace fire safety should focus on fire risk assessment, fire prevention, and employee education.

Fire Prevention Tips in the Workplace

  • Request a visit from a fire marshal or a risk assessment from your building’s property manager
  • Install an automatic sprinkler system for your business, as well as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on all floors
  • Keep things organized, that means no clutter especially around walkways and hallways, and definitely, all electrical panels must be kept clear of material and equipment
  • Oily cloths and rags need to be held in metal or fire-retardant containers and frequently disposed of
  • Keep all machinery maintained regularly, this will help prevent sparks from overheating and other such problems
  • Don’t repair faulty wiring and electrical hazards yourself, instead contact a professional
  • If your organization deals with chemicals, ensure you are familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheet in terms of how to handle and store them correctly
  • Food being cooked must never be left unattended, and kitchen appliances should be clean and maintained regularly
  • Ensure you have a designated area for your employees that smoke
  • Create and educate your employees on your business’ fire escape plan

Fire Prevention Tips For Employees

One way to ensure that your employees will know what to do in the event of an emergency is to have a fire safety plan put in place.

Your Fire Safety Plan Should Include Things Like:

  • Have a Fire Escape Plan: Create and type up your fire escape plan and put it up in places accessible to everyone, ensure your employees understand and know all about it
  • Practice Fire Drills: Practice fire drills and have a designated meeting place outside of the building for employees to meet up during an emergency, this can also be where rollcall can be taken
  • Designate a Safety Officer: Designate a person as a safety officer who knows to call 911 immediately, as well as to keep all equipment and information around fire prevention updated
  • Keep Everyone Informed: Inform all employees of where the emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms are
    Inspect Equipment Regularly: Inspect all your fire alarm equipment and electrical cords and appliances regularly
  • Train Employees: Equip employees with basic training on how to use fire extinguishers and alarms

Dealing with Repairs

If you are faced with the restoration and clean up of your business property once a fire has already taken place, turn to the professionals at BMS CAT for fire restoration and smoke damage repairs.

Our 24-hour Emergency Response Will Help You To:

  • Secure and recover your business for safety and prevent further damage
  • Help with ventilating the structure
  • Remove damaged and unsalvageable items
  • Clean, sanitize and deodorize the structure and belongings
  • Reconstruction of property to its pre-loss state

Partnering with an experienced and professional disaster recovery team is vital for a fast, reliable restoration process, so call us at (877) 899-0676, and our team will mobilize quickly!