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Summer Season Safety for Kids


Summer Season Safety for Kids

Summer Season Safety for Kids

Summer. School is out and the sun is shining, it is an exciting time of the year! Before the fun begins, take a few minutes to review these safety tips to ensure the upcoming months are a success!

Emergency InfoEmergency Information Printable

If trouble strikes, will your family know what to do? Keep family members (and visitors) in the loop with this printable.

Click here to download printable.

*Source: http://organizedhome.com/printable/household-notebook/emergency-information

Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Helmet Safety ChecklistBicycle Helmet Safety Checklist

Last Sunday, we went on a family shopping trip to buy my son a new bike with training wheels. Of course he HAD to have the Spiderman bike, and I could hardly get him off the demo long enough to check out – but I loved seeing his excitement!

Riding bikes is a great activity that we can do as a family while getting some exercise and enjoying the weather. I’m looking forward to many family bike rides in the park this summer. Before taking the new bike out for its first spin, I thought it would be a good time for me to review helmet safety with him, and I wanted to share this checklist with you all as well.

Click here to download the helmet safety checklist.

*Source: https://biaph.com/abi-prevention-education/bike-helmet-safety-checklist/

Bicycle Helmet Safety Coloring PageBicycle Helmet Safety Coloring Page

What better way to communicate the importance of wearing your helmet than printing this out for your kid to color? You can walk them through the importance in wearing a helmet and the helmet safety checklist while they color this in!

Click here to download the helmet safety coloring page.

*Source: https://safety.lovetoknow.com/Coloring_Sheets_for_Summer_Safety

Water Safety

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise and a major component of summer break fun. But parents should remember that swimming also comes with risk. Here are a few helpful resources and summer water safety tips to keep your kids safe.

Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children. Get to know the risks and appropriate safety measures so your family can enjoy your day on the lake, beach or pool!

Water Safety

How to Spot Drowning Child

what you can do to prevent tragedy

*Source: https://www.smithmountainhomes.com/summer-lake-and-pool-safety-for-babies-and-toddlers/

Water Safety Promise SheetWater Safety Promise Sheet

How cute is this water safety promise sheet? Print it off and read it to your kids while they color it!

After you have read through it all with them, have them sign and date at the bottom. This is a fun way to educate them on water safety rules.

Click here to download the water safety promise sheet.

*Source: https://teachables.scholastic.com/teachables/books/water-safety-rules-and-pledge-9780439503754_008.html?esp=PRT%2Fe%2Fpopup%2Fhomepage%2FTCBparents%2F

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