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Outdoor Summer Activities


Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Summer Activities

Looking for some outdoor activities this summer to entertain kids of all ages? If so, we’ve got you covered!

Summertime Water ActivitiesSummertime Water Activities

Make a GIANT Water Bed

What better way to cool off from the summer sun than on an outdoor water bed? Made from drop cloths and duct tape, this outdoor toy is easy to construct and promises hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Look at it on the bright side…even if it pops, it instantly transforms into a massive slip-n-slide!

*Source: http://www.utahcountymom.com/2012/05/giant-water-bed-outside-sensory-bag.html

Soda Bottle Boat Race

Soda Bottle Boat RaceREADY, SET, GO! Create these DIY sailboats from recycled bottles, straws and pieces of foam. What makes this afternoon activity even more fun? Encouraging the kids to embellish their boat with stickers, markers and anything else you can find around the house.

Drop them into a kiddie pool of water, and use water guns to push the boats through the water. Who will get to the finish line first?

*Source: https://thepinterestedparent.com/2015/05/soda-bottle-boats/

Backyard Activities for the Summer

bowling alley with recycled soda bottleThat’s How we Roll

Turn the backyard into your very own bowling alley with recycled soda bottles, duct tape and a tennis ball. The fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Simply fill the bottles with glow sticks, necklaces or bracelets for an evening round.

*Source: http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/13/

Let the Games Begin…

fun gameHang a tarp between two trees and cut shapes out so the kids can practice their sports motions. Not only is this a great way to let the kids burn off some energy, but you can make it a fun game by assigning point values to each target.

This activity is great for entertaining any size of group, from one child to all the kids from the neighborhood!

*Source: https://diyreal.com/passing-practice/

Family Nighttime Activities to Celebrate Summer

Shoot for the Stars gameShoot for the Stars – Astronomy for Kids

Introduce your kids to the world of astronomy by reading books about the stars, planets and more. Head outside for an evening stroll to see if you can spot and distinguish any of the topics you discussed earlier.

Top off the night in a fun (and tasty) way, by selecting a specific star group and constructing a marshmallow constellation of it!

*Source: https://www.kcedventures.com/blog/astronomy-activities-for-kids-books-about-the-stars

Glowing Ring Toss

Glowing Ring TossWith the summer sun radiating warmth upon us, what better time to embrace the season than after the sun goes down?

Simply dig a small hole in the ground and place one glow stick standing up vertically. Determine the distance for the kids to toss from, depending on their ages, and mark that distance on the ground with a piece of masking tape. Assemble the glow necklaces and let the games begin!

*Source: https://homefrontmag.com/diy-glowing-ring-toss/

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