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After Disaster Strikes: Restoring Your Damaged Documents


The value of the information contained in business and health care records is much higher than the value of the actual physical asset. Your records contain the story of your business and have operational, financial, business development and legal value. Loss of that data could result in dire consequences for your business with lost operational time, trade secrets, customer/sales relationships, health histories, legal precedence and regulatory repercussions.

Do You Have a Document Recovery Plan in Place?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your business has suffered a significant disaster – such as a fire, plumbing leak, storm or flood – that inflicted significant damage on your documents, whether electronic or physical in nature, BMS CAT can help.

Advanced techniques, methods, training, and facilities give our professionals the ability to dry and recover books, files, video tape and film, X-rays, hard drives, and CDs, among other document types.

Is Document Security a Serious Concern for Your Business and Industry?

BMS CAT’s facilities are compliant with an array of strict regulatory guidelines and boost security features such as:

  • Key-card access controls
  • No outside access whatsoever
  • More than 20 security cameras
  • Background checked personnel

HIPAA – If you’re a medical professional and your practice suffered damage requiring the assistance of document repair specialists, patient confidentiality is a key concern. Only HIPAA-compliant professionals can have access to those records, and you cannot rely on every disaster recovery company to implement those standards. BMS CAT maintains HIPAA compliance throughout the entire process to ensure your patients’ privacy is protected.

FACTA – Identity and credit card theft are major issues. It seems like every week there’s a new retail store losing control of millions of customers’ credit card numbers. If you’re a business that stores client credit card or banking information, then you’re aware of how stringent FACTA standards can be. BMS CAT can perform document recovery that meets FACTA compliance standards and ensures your customers’ credit card and financial information remains private.

GLBA – Lenders, banks, and other financial institutions are required under GLBA to disclose to their customers exactly how they share their information. Under certain circumstances, a document recovery company taking possession of these records in order to restore them could be construed as information sharing, at least if that company is less than forthright in their practices. BMS CAT takes financial confidentiality very seriously and has developed standards to ensure GLBA compliance.

Sarbanes-Oxley – Publicly traded companies and brokerages are required to adhere to strict guidelines regarding disclosures to potential investors regarding their securities. Maintaining records is an essential part of this, as well as maintaining internal confidentiality. If you have concerns about maintaining compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley should document recovery prove necessary, BMS CAT can help.

Recovering Your Documents Is a Huge Responsibility

With so much at stake, it’s hard to understate the importance of accountability in the document recovery process. At BMS CAT, we truly understand there’s no room for mistakes when it comes to protecting private, proprietary and client information. We hold our responsibility to you in this regard among our most sacrosanct duties.

A Process That Ensures Fast, Organized Recovery

The BMS CAT method of document recovery has been tested, tweaked and perfected to ensure a fast, reliable and compliant recovery process.

  • You can contact BMS CAT to establish a proactive recovery plan, so we know where to start and what takes priority.
  • Rigorous protocols are in place to ensure optimal accuracy, not only onsite at your facility but throughout every step of the recovery process.
  • A “work in progress” inventory is maintained throughout the process so you can check on the status at any time.

If You Require Document Recovery Assistance, BMS CAT Are the Professionals to Call.

Any building can suffer a disaster, from government facilities and the corporate offices of financial institutions to doctors’ offices and libraries. But not every business or organization has the luxury of trusting just anyone with their document recovery needs.

Make sure you’re insulated from the consequences of any unforeseen events by contacting BMS CAT to learn more about our document recovery services as well as our proactive recovery plan options.