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What You Don’t Know About Cleaning May Hurt You


Cleaning Is Supposed to Keep You Healthy, Right?

Cleaning your home or office – such as wiping away dust, washing windows, scrubbing tiles and vacuuming carpets – is a natural part of daily life. While many professional cleaning services are available, most people perform these tasks themselves using store-bought cleaning products. Although cleaning with over-the-counter products is a cultural norm for millions of households, these products may not be as clean as you think they are.

How often do you read the ingredient lists on cleaning labels, let alone know what they mean? A majority of people don’t read them nor know what the ingredients are if they’re even listed on the product at all, and that’s where the potential danger lies.

What’s Wrong with Commercial Cleaning Products?

According to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938, companies must publish a full list of ingredients on their products, including food, drugs, cosmetics, tobacco products and more; household cleaning products are unfortunately not included on that list.1

Under current regulations, companies aren’t required to disclose ingredients that go into scented cleaning products, meaning allergens or chemical irritants in products can go unnoticed. Millions of people who suffer from asthma and allergies use these products thinking they’re wiping away allergy-causing dust and grime when in reality they’re simply spreading another irritant under the guise of a fresh or fruity scent.

When you go to the store you probably notice dozens of cleaning products are scented. Chances are if you read the labels you’ll find that they’re devoid of ingredients except for simple warnings about keeping products away from your eyes or your mouth. This is how companies skirt the issue of not including ingredients on their products because they simply list warnings about the effects of the product’s solution and not the ingredients that cause these issues. Companies are also keen to keep their trade secrets closely guarded, preventing researchers and regulators from making accurate statements and assessments regarding their products.

Problems with Cleaning on Your Own

If you clean aspects of your home or office with these products, then you’re coming into close proximity with them, whether you’re using detergents to clean your carpets or wiping down counter tops with dust sprays. The combination of dust, dirt, allergens, allergy causing cleaners and dust sprays can exacerbate your problems, giving you the false notion that these areas are clean when all you’ve done is spread layers of chemicals that contain similar irritants.

Although allergies may seem trivial, chemicals in cleaners can cause severe side effects. One study illustrated that chemicals in laundry detergents, which contain similar ingredients that are commonly found in carpet detergents, remained trapped in washed clothing and caused an increase in tonality, a synthetic musk, in pregnant women who wore the detergent-washed clothing, endangering both mother and child.2

Why use professionals to clean your home or office?

Sometimes it’s best to leave the cleaning to professionals. Although cleaning by yourself is relatively cheaper, the store-bought products on the market, with their vague list of ingredients, could be resulting in higher medical costs, more sick days and a diminished quality of life.

Blackmon Mooring uses tried and tested techniques to clean your carpets, tile and grout, air ducts, upholstery, and furniture. Our techniques focus on non-allergenic techniques and solutions to ensure a thorough clean without the negative effects of store-bought solutions.

Carpets – Our professionals utilize the hot-water extraction method to remove soil, bacteria, debris and contaminants from deep within carpet fibers without using harsh detergents or shampoos.

Air Ducts – We use special equipment to reach through vents, all the way to the back of your main HVAC unit for a thorough cleaning and remove any debris present.

Tile and Grout – We preserve the gleam of your tile flooring by using our special cleaning solution, combined with a hot water rinse and vacuuming, followed by the optional application of a sealant to maintain the integrity of your grout.

Upholstery and Furniture – Our technicians pre-examine fabric and apply specific cleaning methods based on the type of fabric your furniture, upholstery or furnishings are made of.

Our technicians can also make recommendations regarding cleaning detergents and solutions that won’t agitate or aggravate your asthma and allergies.

Call 877-899-0676 or schedule an appointment online to ensure your home receives the proper cleaning it deserves.