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What is BMS Global?


Remember when Captain Sully Sullenberger safely guided a crippled Airbus down into the Hudson River? Or when a 777 crashed on landing in San Francisco? Those two events and dozens of other major transportation accidents have something in common that might surprise you: BMS played a key role in the responses.

Aviation and transportation customers worldwide, including nearly 50 airlines, trust BMS Global to provide a wide range of emergency services. For example, we offer recovery and return of personal effects, assistance with planning and training, site cleanup, and support in the facilities where survivors and families gather after an accident.

The work is complex; we recovered and processed some 36,000 items from the Miracle on the Hudson alone. It’s also deeply meaningful to the people involved. I was honored to meet a couple recently whose daughter perished in an airline crash. BMS Global had recovered and returned numerous items from the accident site. Thank you for this, the gentleman said, pulling his daughter’s driver’s license from his wallet. He carries that special keepsake everywhere he goes.

Accidents aside, our aviation and transportation customers also count on BMS to help with the same risks as our customers in other sectors. Staying prepared for fires, floods, storms or any other kind of emergency requires close cooperation, the kind BMS provides through our philosophy of building true partnerships.

A true partnership begins well before any loss. It starts with understanding our customers’ need for flexible budget-friendly options with no surprises. To that end, BMS charges no retainer, provides our pricing up front and operates under a straightforward, no-nonsense Response Service Agreement (RSA).

Once an RSA is in place, we work with each customer to help plan for whatever may come, again at no charge. For example, customer feedback led to the development of a training handout describing the process of recovering and returning personal effects.

And finally, if the worst happens – from one soaked box of critical documents to catastrophic facility damage to a large-scale accident – a true partnership means our talented and dedicated team will be there working beside you until the job is done.

BMS was founded on that kind of exceptional customer service in 1948 and we’re proud to say it’s the same way we do business today.